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Important Changes On The Campus

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It has been the conmion suppositiou ever siuce the project was suggested, that the new Science building, whieh will be contsructed at a oost of $200,000 next year, would be placed on E. University ave., between the gymnasium and the medical building. That seemed to be the only availahle space on the campus. And it would be 1 f vacant spots only were to be taken into account. But those in charge have recognized the fact that to erowd in the massive building between two other large buildings with no elbow room would meau a great detraction from its architectural beauty. ïhey have likewise taken into consideration the fact that N. University ave. does not present a very inviting appearance from the fact that from the stretch f nearly a quarter of a mile from State st. to the gymnasium there is nothing but unoccupied space or autiquated buildings. Consequently there is a movement on foot among the university authorities that has been taken so seriously that Architect Spiers has made plans for the utilization of the present homeopathie and dental department buildings into a developmeut of the new Science hall. In other words. the greatest building on the campus, University hall not excepted, is very more than likely to be located on N. University ave. on the present site of the above departments. What is to becoine of the dental college ? Wliy, transfer it to the present medical building on E.University ave. Where are the medies going to secure their lectures and instructions 'i Why, the plans of the new Science hall will be made to sufficiently accommodate them for years to come. Where are the homeops going 'i Why, the new Homeopathie hc spital will contain an amphitheátre and lecture rooms so that they will be instrncted in a building where it will be most accommodating to those studenteFor 50 years the medical studente have had the occupancy of the old building on E. University ave. They have outgrowu it. The Science hall will be arranged so that they will not be obliged to trot f rom one building to another. Eyerything will be arranged in compact form so that they eau go from the lecture amphitheátre to the several laboratories peculiar to the medical profession. It is certainly a great scheme. It will boom N. Univesrity ave. But then that is not the scheme.