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Orders From Headquarters

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IUUhiu op I U Unía mUHt A FE i IVI E WlUnt We have just received orders from headquarters to close out the Entire Stock of Boots, Shoesand Rubbers, famous for good wear and honest vaïues,of John Burg, of this city, also the stock of High Class Footwear of W. A. Sturgeon Sons & Co., of Chicago. Two large stocks; Not a pair reserved; All to be closed out in Ten Days; Regardless of Cost or Valué, viíp coMMeNcÍinÍg SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18 will inaugúrate the QREATEST TEN DAYS SALE of good shoes ever known1 in the History of Washtenaw Co. Thousands can testify to the Great Bargains they have received since this sale opened, going away with from 5 to 6 pairs of Good Shoes, for what they usually have to pay for one pair, but the Bargains you have received will be as NOTHING compared with the Value we will offer you for the NEXT TEN Pargai!)sí pargaiíjsí Here are a Few of Our Trade Winners and Competition Crushers. Ö00 pairs of Men's Fine Dress Shoes, former price $2 to $2.50, Sale Trice 75 4-50 pairs of Men's Fine Willow Calf Shoes, foroier price, f 3 to $5, Sale Price $1.2 297 pairs of Men's Fine Patent Calf and Enamel Shoes, former price $3.50 to $6, Sale Price . . $1.9 120 pairs of Boy's School Shoes, sizcs 2L to 5, former price $2, Sale Price 75 230 pairs of Boy's Fine Calf Shoes, sizes 2L to 5, former price $1.50 to $2.50, Sale Price .... 98c 160 pairs of Youth's School Shoes, A.11 Solid, former price $1.50, Sale Price J5c Ladies' Shoes, former price $2 to $2.50, Sale Price, $5c Ladies' Shoes, former price $2.50 to $3.50, Sale Price G5c Ladies' Fine Dress Shoes, all the Latest Styles 98c Ladies' Fine Handsewed Shoes worth $5, Sale Price $1.98 Ladies' Strap Sandal Slippers, worth $1,50, Sale Price 64c Ladies' Toe Slippers, worth $1, Sale Price , . . . . 35c "yp 'Sv . V "Vp" 'tíf' Misses' Fine Dress Shoes, former price $2.00, Sale Price 48c Misses' School Shoes, All Solid, former price $2.50, Sale Price }9c Children School Shoes, All Solid, former price, $1.00, Sale Price 29c Infants' Shoes as low as 9e RUBBER GOODS. Ladies' Rubbers as low as 5c Misses' and Children's Rubbers 9c Men's Rubbers 23c Men's Feit Boots and High Cut Overs $1.24 Men's Sox Overs 75c Men's Arctics 5c We have a full line of Warm Lined Shoes at Prices that defy Competition REIVI EM'BER ! We have thousands of other Bargains. So HURRY LJP! Dön't let your neighbor get ahead of you this time. Get up early, fall in line and FOLLOW THE CROWDS to the Qreatest Shoe Sale Ever Known in the History of this County. CHICAGO SHOE CO. 2X1 S. Main St. IZZT""1 FHEp Qm CLAI, Manager. P.S. We have also made great reduction fcr November on all goods at our other store, 124 S. flain street.