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Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee

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Tm 1 A ra ne Ei fei rijg ofQood vlM mÈ mm tf áP f between the plantation and the coffee pot the V S?kÊpÈ&ÊLÏLï I flavor may be changed, the quality spoiled by %3 ■ lessness, inexperience, or unscrupulous methods. seSM& ■ From the time Arbuckles' Coffee leaves the hands of the '''$$$& i grower until it reaches the user in a sealed packet, it is handled Z$4? with the same watchful care, the same thought for cleanliness, L$Lö# that you would give any article of food that goes on your table. L& The house of Arbuckle is the largest and oldest coffee house in ♦ %?4 the world. lts employees have grown up caring for this great " business ; the business has grown great under the care of its jr employees. As a result of this personal care, ''"!A1V is used every day in more than a million American homes, Vi-ïU lts reliability is recognized ; its quality is appreciated ; its ÍSPÁ flavor is enjoyed; its pnce is a revelation. ƒ g_- . h g Ask the grocer for Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee, and be sure "IT - '=T tf f you get the genuine. All other package cofifees are but ""?5r!L In each pound package of Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee there in a list of 5=r::r cles. WIth eacli package In which tlie List is found the purchaser has bousht a % SSSíjEiSr deflnite part of some article to be selected by him or her frora the List subject iKfr ■ only to the conditiou that the siguature on the package is to becutoutand returned % fS-S1" ■ to Arbuckle Bros. Everybody should see this List. Address all Communications to "SS ARBCCKLE BROS., Kotion Department, New Yorlc City, X.Y. ? J-j fê?a