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" ' ÍS THE FIRST AND FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE OF ALL SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. S yi3 í beHer SerVÍCe' beUer Stles' better ortmeat balter prices thaa you caa get elsowhere that keeps Trí-' ' RE n ihe top wave of success. In this sale you will discover thal the greater advantage goes to you-lhat with the pnces we make ït ïsn t half as much to our interest to sell vnn n 1+ ;c f t„ + u t? i ir n . . - IO seu 7OU as ll 1S tor you to huy. tvery element of worth is ïoined to pnces that makes proht making scarcely visible, ■ - - ■ ' ■■ - Carpets and Draperies Satisfaction is the Silent Salesman that brings trade to this Department. A BRISTLINÜ ARMAMENT OF BARGAINS FOR THIS SALE. Ér iP LiK?3 . New Line r -;Ö&% „ Wilton Velvets f f" ifc ív) Tapestry Velvets I I' -rf New Line J Mi Bdy Brussels Pt' f - 1_ estry Brussel feeïSSt-feP'Vfenr New Line :s__jH___J'. all Wool Ingrain By far the Largest Stock in the city. on sale now all at specially lowered prices for this Sale. ART SQUARES Pro Brussells and Ingrain at low prices. Pro Brussell as low as $4.95. All wool Ingrain as low as $3.95. Cotton Chain with an all 'wool filling, elegant new designs from L2.98 upward. , Large stock of Small Rugs on sale. Moquette Rugs 79c, $i 79, L2.98. N x Smyrna Rugs, 27c, L1.59, L1.29, $1.69, L2.95. LACE CURTAINS. Just received a large line of Lace Curtains which we will sell at exceptionally low prices during this sale. ïrish point Empire pattern, 6o inches wide and 5% yards long, per pair $7.50. ïrish point neat novel effect 50 inches wide and 3 yards long, per pair 86 50. French effect 54 inchs wide and 31 yards long per pair L5.50. Renaissance effect 54 inches wide and $% yards long, per pair L5.00. Fine Brussells pattern 54 inches wide and 31 yards long, per pair L4.75. Heavy Novelty effect 54 inches wide and 3 yards long, per pair L3.50. Dainty Brussels pattern 50 inches wide and 3 1. yards long, per pair $3 00. titect 53 inches wide, 3% yards long per pair $2.25. I Straight border effect 50 inches wide 3 yards % long, per pair L1.35. ■ Swiss effect, 50 inches wide 3 yds long per pair L1.15. Tottingham curtains 95c and as low as 49c per pair. WHITE MUSLINS. ■ A complete line of 30. 36, 40, 45 and 50 inch white ■muslin for sash and side curtains, new designs at 12, 15, 18, 20, 25 and upwards to 65c a yd. 3 Bargain Tables of Silks. Table No. 1- Plaid. Stripe and Figured corded 'pïffanas was L1.00, L1.25, L1.50 for this sale 76c Table No. 2- Plaid and Stripe corded Silk was 7 cc for this sal; 39c. Table No. 3- Stripe and Figured Silks was 50 and 65c, for this sale 26c. DRESS TRIMMiNGS. ; are rnakins a big shoving of Embroidered Silks and Chiff.iris po popular this season for dress ennchnients in black and white colors. iroidercd Broa.l Cloth with cut out figures 2 inches wide S6.50. nbrni'W"-! Taffata with ci;t out figures and lace apMcav in white and black, $4 00, 4.50 6 00 ■ 6 50, 7 50 Krab Taffata with hand painted figures L6.50. Inbroidcred Cliiffon ia black, white, and black and white $1.00, 2.00, 4.00 and 4 50. ■pangled Nets 25 inches wide in jets, Steel and silver 81.50, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00 up to 5.00. SHOE DEPARTMENT. -T- -1 4?? mm WE Would cal1 Jom" attention to the f uil and complete m '-á iUl ''èl W lé 'ine oi aI1 st-vles ot 1 %JÉ - 1 Footwear for Fall... I % fSf W haVe 8p'0d UO pains t0 ive yu shoes ot only shapely and _%v p UP-TO-DATE, bnt also COMFORTABLE, fasöaL H U1' shoes Hre niade esPecially for ns by the best shoe ÍW%. N__ manufacturers, and we ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE their SaSL-v MW tlieu' wear an(1 comfort. We give yon the fullest value possible at any pnce nanied. Ladies' $4 Shoes Fi'dOk Don1 Lace and Button, km and Cloth tops, hand turn and Goodwin welts, all strictly new. LadieS' $3.50 ShOeS Xíeav weiht Angola Lace Shoes, Kid Tip, Goodyear Welt soles- extra heavy- made in the "New Mannish Last." for street wear. Ladies' $3.00 Shoes 2ongola and Vice Kid' Eox and Titan cwf Hand Tnrn and Welts, nine distirct lines among which will be found a shoe suitable and comfortable for any and every pnrpose. LadÍ6S' $2.50 ShOeS Ligllt' Medim apd Heavy Shoes, Button and Lace, JSice Dongola Kid and Box Cal f, medium and wide Mannish last. LadieS $2, $1.50 and $1 Butfon and Lace Kid, and patent tip, all on the Shoes New' liound Toes' MiSSeS $1.75, $1.50 and ButtO11 and Lace H last8 and patterns, Turn $1.25 ShOeS WekS and McKa-ys' in Kid and Calf Leather. Children's $1.25, $1, 75c Dongla ad r km; au on the Round and 50c Shoes Toes Boys' Youths and Little Gents, $,.9o, $,.75, $I.5Of $,.25, $I.OO and 8sc. [Medium and High Cnt. infants' 50c, 35c and 25c, Soft Soles, All Colors, Button and Lace. Grandest LAMP DISPLAY in the City, Ugoeo xnd Brin Dm At Specia, Pnces This Wee,. Ë 811(1 BlïC-a-BraC, ÏL Porcelain Parlor Lamp Brass ""JJfQ $l-25 Japanese Vases 15 styles Stand Complete with hand ,aWVJ! - at 79c' v decorated bowland shadeat 75c 'SIbbíÍM S)'4 Vases new designs Globe Lamps all beautifully hand immwÈÊÊ „ 83cdecorated worth $2.00 at SI 15 ?Pwif$Bli $'-25 Bisque Statuettes reduced to Porcelain Lamps center draft WiWlñ sellat'63cff burner in 3 styles worth $2.7S Mb ICMc 5c Bohemean Glass Vases good at $2.00. f,r.J$&% ' size, reduced to 35c. $3.50 Wrought Iron Lamps, -O fr 75C Bohemean Glass Vases, rePorcelain Lamps, Gold plated duced t0 5c with fancyshaped globes and 81.45 Bohemean Glass Vases, all colors gold shade hand decorated at $2 45. decorated $1.00. ' $1.00 Japanese Ware, Flower Pots, reduced to 59c uilljuDI LfiillpOi $I2S Della Rocca Jar(liniereS) good s:zC) go at 69c r , ys Della Rocca Jardinieres, large size go at 89c $6.00 Banquet Lamps high Onyx Standard, brass T I r ' Iegs and fancy brass bowl $3.75. brOCKerV dnd Uhli7aWedr. S6.50 Banquet Lamps handsomely mounted best " made burner and attachments $4.00. 2-25 IO piece decorated Toilet Set reduced to #1.49 7.25 Banquet Lamps solid brass 2 feet high best 3-5. JO piece decorated Toilet Sets 6 styles at $2 make $4.25. #5-5. I2 Pece decorated Toilet Sets selling at $3.85 Vase Lamps 20 styles all exquisitely decorated rero piece Decorated Porcelain Dinner Sets latest duced for this sale to $4.25. designs $5 60. 40c Bohemean Glass Rose Bowls at 25c. lor P'ece Dinner Set in the Alferd Mekin best 20c Wrought iron Candle Sticks at 10c. English ware $7.85. 81.25 Wrought Iron Candelabra at 85c. j IO1 piece Dinner Sets T. and R. Boots ware worth $2.00 Wrought Iron Candelabra reduced to $1.40. r2 o0 at 7'50 84.00 Gold Plated Candelabra for 5 candles at $250. Hand Decorated Ware in all kinds of articles of White and Colored Wax Candles each 3c. Service and Ornament at about half what you 65c Tobacco Jars in Japanese Pattern at 40c. Pay elsewhere. $1.00 Wrought Iron Smoking Sets Selling at 69c. A+k R ,, - D 90C Nickle Smoking Sets for this sale 49c. UtnSP DaZaaP DaPgdinS. ni nr.10 j ciiurnuiinr ,n-; i :" 10 Bars Kirks Cabinet Soap large size 25c. CLOGKS and SILYERWARE, M$m t Cake wooi soaP iarge SL sc . ui ion , .1 li S J0A 1 Cake Sapolio selling at 8c. s3.00N.ckle. 8 Day alarm docks L 't% 8 Rolls Toilet Paper worth 40c. for 25c 4 sides glass enclosed half hour Mg French Plate Mir rors good size 10c . stnke for this sale $1.00. ITOS Wine Set, Decanter and 6 glasses for 49c. $2 Dresden China Clockí many Üjggfeof 10 quart Tin Pail heaviest made 9c. styles at $1.10. ■ oc. Coal Hods reduced for this sale to 24c $450 Black Enameled Clocks. W$, Copper Nickle Plated Coffee and Tea Pots 6IC strÍeaS)0 JíÁRÍ Copper Nickle Plated Tea Kettles 59c. "' strike at 3.V. ,, vv Granite Tea Kettles large size 69c. Furniture Talk. We want to teil you abont the grade of Furniture that is ar ri ving here tlaily That you wii.l iind in good supply in our Show Kooiiis. ITS ALL NEW we may, say for only a few Scattering Pieces are left from our fire stock and these are going out at about a quarter of the former price. The Goods you find here are as good as money can purchase - The Styles are all the Latest. The Prices Are Lower than you can possibly obtain like furniture for wherever you go - for this sale we put 011 Sale - At 95c each 50 Roman chairs Upholstered Seat worth $1.75 - See them. At $4. 50 to $25 we show a splendid line of Ladies Writing Desks in the very Latest Fads. Fancy and Cobbler Seat Rockers, Mahogany an Golden Oak are most attractive and are moving rapidly - It is the Price that does the business 75c Buys the best Jardinier Stands ever offered at thát price. Golden Oak and Sclid Mahogany Jardinier Stands at $3. Brass Beds, three Styles. Just rëcieved, they are Elegant Pieces of Furniture, and are Marked to Sell at $28, $38 and $45. Leather Couches, we are showing the very Best Make of the Best Number One Leather that can be bought.- All made up in hair, spring edge, fine diamond tufted designs, guaranteed perfect, n every way at $29, 33 and $45. Leather Rockers, made up in hair, for L39 regier price $48. Doublé and Single Door Book Cases, Quarter Sawed Golden Oak and Solid Mahogany - The Best and the Latest at the Lowest Prices. Kitchen Cabinet, a most excellent piece of Kitchen Furniture for $5.50. Parlor Suits, Complete Line in Golden Oak, Mahogany and Birch. Seats covered with the Best and very Latest Covering. Not an old piece of Upholstered Furniture in the store- All absolutely New. Big line of Chiffoniers, just arnved, marked to sell at S9, $10, $14, $19 and $25 Domestic Dept. Regular 50c Buckskin Shirts at 39c. Regular 50c Brown Overalls, all sises and colors at 39c. Standard Overalls, with bib and suspenderá at 50c 500 yds. Toile-du-Nord Ginghams, always sold at loc now 5c. 1 case Navy Blue Prints, worth 5c now 3c 1000 yds Outing Flannels in light and dark colors worth 10c at 6c. 1000 yds. yard wide Percales in dark and liht . colors worth 7c now 6. 25 pieces Log Cabin Prints, for comforters at 7C 500 yds. of Fancy Flannelette, for wrappers at 8c 1 case plain white Outing Flannel, worth 8c now 5c 500 yds. Fancy dark Sateens worth 12%C special pnce 63c. r 6 pieces fancy striped skirtings worth 35c to 40c selling now at 19c. r case 2% yds. wide Unbleached Sheetlng at He 1 lot yard wide percales at 9c. r lot heavy Cottonades worth 20c now I5C 1 case Sutton Mills Unbleached Cotton at 4rc 30 iaöt5l! Trnnk hery iron bumper' "s.ock. extra deep tray and hat box.. 2 4 Heavy Canvas Covered Wall Trunk, braU'tdnfmed w nC"vered traV an(l hat box at . . . tTia Zïïïï' I" SyleS 3t $5 $&' $7 '' "c ÍSL Sohd Leather Valises, Brass Lbcks, All at. . . I 00, I 10, I 20 1.30 1.40 1.50 up to $8 00 lelescopes, all 55 .65 75 85 to SIOO 4 .nch SoliH Leather Dress Suit Ca.e.VÍS and tntnnungs at 4 25 - ■ m ack & co. BOTH fPHO]VES