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Washtenaw County Fee Bill

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Forserviog a warrant, pr any other prorïs, lor the arrest of any person, ■ssiu'd by a.ny luagistrdte or couit 59 For traveliiiK to makc service, golng only, per mile j(j Wlieu arrest is made,' for travel from place of arrest to place of return, por ïnile o For ti&klng prlsoner to jai) orhousoof oorrectlou, gotnifonly, po mile.-. in Forserving mittinius j-, For servlng subpoena on any pereön. .. 15 For travel neeessèry to serve suhppena, for each mile actuaily and noceKnarily traveled 10 make service o Summoning a jury 75 Attending a jury 50 Kor atlendiug court wlieu ordored by the court, for each half day eitber 011 trial 01' exaruinaiion whea not in charge of thfe jury 50 For every persoii comniit ted to jail .v For every per son discharged. from jail, Si For taking prisoners bofore cqurt ir hor taklnv prisoner back tojail 15 Foreerving'subpoena trom circuit, ourt 15 r'oreach tulle aotually nnl necessarily traveled 10 JUHO1 s BKFOKK ■KiSTIOE COÜRT. Per day - $1 on Per one-half iltiy. ro WITNESSEs l'.EFORE JÜSTICK COtJRT. lVrday 73 Per one-half dy xvt For travel per mile, goins only.. 10 COKONEHS. When ictiiiK as sheriff, same fees as sboritï. For review of elosd bodies and takinf? inquestaml relurolng same s 00 For ttavfrl to place of view per mile B For every subpoena, warrant or venire, 25 For awearlug' wltnesses not to exceed Bve in any 011e crise, ten cents each. For taking reooftnlzanee 35 ■lüliüilS BEFORE OOBONBIIS. l'erday 1 BO Per one-half day - fa WITNBS8ÏES 15EFOKB COROKBBg. l'erday 75 I er one-half davl. :7!4 Portravel per mile, going only iu .TÜSTICr.S OF TUK l'EACB. For a complaint on oatli :?■, A warrant - 2fi Kor entering any cause upon thedoeket ?■ A bond or recognizance 25 For 'approviDg same. 10 A subpoena (not e.vceedins four in any Ollt OUBD) -- 10 For ceriifyin(r canse to other magiatrates or court 15 For eouimittuent or mittimus 25 For an ad jou rn ment - 35 For certifícate of convietion to tile with the clerk 25 For mak ing and tiling return os appeBl, or where a party is bound over to tlie circuit court, or any other court havingconcurreut jurisdiction 1 (X) For notifyingc'Hinty atents for tbo caro of juveniloffeuder.sof the pendency of Iha oase agalnst any juveuiieotreuder x'." For eaeh arraignmeot and receiviny a plea of guilty, hi case such plea i.s entered 1 00 For each arraigntnent where the pleo of not. f;uilty is eutered, or where hu ex amination is waived or denianded I 50 For holding exaniiuations, iueludin.ur the taking of testirnony and ewcarin of witx6SS68, and for tne trial of any cause which shall include the pweir iuff of all witiiesses, the constable and jury. if mie be called, also the judfr ment and record of an v e.vcept irnis or uiotionB made during the trial, thii-e dollars per day, tor eacb day. and one and one-half dollars for each balt' day while aetually engaed in sueh e.xamination or trial. COI! CONVEYINO I'F.USONS TO l:T,VTE OR CITY CHAKITABLE HKFORMATORV, OR PENAL INSTITUTIONS. Prorri iiny point in this county to Adrii.-. the railicad fare and four dollars. From any point in this county to Pontin ■, the railroad fare and six and flfty one-huudredtlis dollars. From any point In this county o Lansing. the ratlroad fare and eight dolíais, From any point in this county to the Detroit House of Correction. the railroud fare and four dollars From any point in tblscou' tv to Ka lamazoo, the railroad fare and six dollars. For eaeh assistant to lake insane peraon to Pontiae, the railroad tare and three liolnrs. From any point. in tliis Poun'y to Traverse City, railroad fare aud twelve dollars. For eaeh assistant. to take insane person to Traverse City, railroari fare and cijrht dollars. Ttie above rates to be in full payment for all claims and expenses iu sn;h cahes, inotudins all cash expenses, per diem. müeage, hack hire, meals, lodjring, and all expenses whatever. For othpr services in criminal cases, for which no compensation is espeoially providod by law such sum as the Hoard of Snptrvisors shall all ow, and they may, In their discretion, allow such further compensation lor services of proceso and tho expenses and trouble atlendmg the same as they shall deun reasonable.