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Started Over Game Of Dice

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The case of Dixon Burchard vs Mïchael Ilochradel et al. is now in progress in tbe circuit court. It is a suit for damages for injuries sustaiued and whicL can be traced back to a game of dice in a Milán saloon. Burchard is a eripple, typhoid fever being the cause of bis affliction. According to his story, he eutered Hochradel's saloon when the bartender, Iloicomb, commenced to brag about how he had won every game of dice he liad shaken thíit day. " I'll throw you ooe to see who buys it," challenged Burchard. ïhe dice were thrown, and, like the tin-roof, it was on the house. Burchard asked for a drink of whisky. " You'll geta drink of beer ir a cigar and tbat's all you will get," said Holcomb. and after some words, Burchard was ordered out of the saloon. He swore on the stand that, as he walked toward the door, the bartender said, " if you were not a eripple, I would throw you out." Burchard fitopped and turned around. iSorne more words passed between them, and Burchard claims that he was thrown to the iloor and dragged out "like a hog." It was for the injuries that btsustained in the process of reinoval that he asked damages. "How long were you in Smitb's place?" asked Attorney Murray. "Until I went out." " You say you were dragged out of Hoch radei's place?" " Ye?, like a hog." "By the f eet?" Yes, by the lore-feet." The defense had not outlined it s case up to the time of going to press.