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Prof. Kirchner Roasts '00 Laws

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The '00 law class, inore appropriately called the "naughty-naught" class, would never take a prize in deportment if Prof. Otto Kirchner had the markings thereof. Afc the commencement of the year Prof. Kirchner roasted the class, and since that time they have not lost an opportnnity to get back at him. Any extraordinary noise seems to jar upon him like a phonograph reproduction of Sousa's Band vrould on a Wagnerian student. Whenever he enters the lecture room he is given a reception that ■vvonld rival that extended to Admiral Dewey when he arrived in New York harbor. Yesterday, after quiet had resumed, the professor said: "I think the senior law class is the noisiest, most boisterous, most obstreperous lot of men I ever bad to contend with, and if I thought next year's class would be as bad, I wotild resign." "Repeat, " yelled two or three seniors.