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Estate Sidewalk

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llked of sidewalk on the IFoid estáte caused a Vil the couticil last eventybard tilinga said about oí trie managers of the nvenieuciug tlie public ig the city, would al most . Ford turn in his grave. rTas brought up by Aid. p the council bad lor the t been trymg to get a loa the .Ford property ■ ave. Some had beeu ld not been comuleted. 'd ordeied the walk and iad been served. h ried out? isked wby a sidewalk on liad not been built, bissiouer Ross explained He had been directed to m. W. VVhedon. and ask l) would rather build a nch stone or have Mr. Ie of three-inch. Before lecision he understoocl lome 10 an understand■ hedon to let the walk ■ved that the board of H' ordered to finish lay■k on the Ford proptrRrted by Ald..Koeh. A said the Ford estáte Hl its s-wer tax. Thr Hp pay tor tbis walk. H the counci! had orI Did they now want Btorris explained tlie H walk. It had been Hthe board could not H Br ÏF the buiiriing in■ of walk, he thought ■ rather reekless in orwl to go abf-ad. ■v vv . V. Whedon stood Beny "lid the city. ■'He always did." Hts then lost oh the fol■Wreek9. Grose, C'con, Bind Pres. Seabol' - 7. ■chards, Hamilton and hd a general talk, in rd of public works aid pissioner received sharp kot carrying out orders Ived the srreet commis walk on the Ford propondition. Iu DecemIwiint 10 junap so vigH: as in .Tune. ■i. Koch and Stevens ■ he recollected that Ue had siarted to get ■K propi-rty. Hkid as long ago as Ik was ehairman of BPe, he had reported ilding tbis walk. The this walk last June and en done as ytt. Itóaid he had not nnder ■ion wlien he voted bi- ■i to reconsider, wbieb m. Ilamilton voting no I to order the board of f) order th wallc thpn Iwccspary majority. only ■x! Hamilton votingno.