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Sensitive Children

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Tlw.ugh nervons children are often ! Víry sensitive, there are uiany little people not deficiënt in moral and physicul courage who are yet extremely sensitive and self conscious. These are deLect8 - it is hardly fair to cali them j faults - particularly difficult to uproot and often rnisunderstood, for which reason the sensitive child later on in life often remains the sensitive man or woman. But a parent who recognizes this position can by judicions care effect an improvement. The sensitive child cannot bear a word of sarcasm or ridicule. If a task is unsatisfactorily performed, she must be told so in gentle, direct and yet encouraging fashion. To make it the subject of cynicalreproof wounds the little heart most deeply and only renders the child more sensitive and I shrinking and more nnable to do herself justice. I know one mother - and. as a i ter of fact, she is absolutely devoted to her children - who said toa 10-year-old ! daughter when she had been practicing unsteadily at the piano "I am j tremely obliged for the concert you have given na. I thought yotir teacher must be playing all the time. And it ; is very good of yon to tnrn to such : ital account the money I spend on your j musical educa tion." A high spirited, j dashing. nnthinking child may take j such a remark in good part, but the senaitive littie one to whom it waa ' dressed went scarlet, as if some one ha,d ! struck her a blow. Her lip quivered, and she choked back a sob as she hastily left the room to brood and feel miserable over this reproof, whereas a kindly. "I wish you would practice more carefully, dear ; I was disappointed in your playing today, " would leave no sting. Above all. a sensitive child must , ways be corrected in private. It may I be an unhealthy vanity which cannot brook discouragement before a third party, but the trait is so marked that a mother does very wrong if she takes the sensitiva one of her flock to task before the others who are cast in bolder mold. Little mannerisms should pass noticed as far as pcssible. Your j tive child may have a way of knitting her fingers or twisting a button or crossing her feet, and if she is teased about the habit it only grows worse, I and she feels hopeless of checking it. i There are sensitive boys, too. lads who are sent to boarding school and who fall asleep sad at heart each night ! cause they miss the parents' good night J kiss or who cannot accustom themselves ! to enjoy football or any very rough i sport and who are often the butts of j the school. Unless the peculiarity of ' such a boy's disposition is recognized and he is treated accordingly he will grow up painfully sensitive and shrinking. It seems an unimportant point to have a child sensitive and self conscious, but thé evil lies in the fact that the trait grows ever bigger and ruakes boys and girls. when they have outgrown childhood, morbid, unhappy. dissatisfied and poor company for - selves and their circle.