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Anent The Chain Fad

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It is a season of chains - chains long, chains short, chains medium, but chaina yon :uust have if yon would be in the Bwini. according to the New York Herald. The very newetit fad in these chains is oneof medium length, which is hung around the neck and reaches to the bust, or just where the fancy yokes end. These chains have very artistic pendants attached to them, the pendants giving the finishing touch to the toilet. i tainly some of the pendants attached to these chains are works of art. Sorue are Egyptian, in the red, blue ■ and old gold colorings, while others are of the new "vert or" and gun metal I effects. By the way. this new coloring I for guld chains, greenish in hue, just a little tarnished and brassy looking, is at the present moment all the rage in Paris. It is creating a perfect furore, j and everybody who pretenda to be anybody is wearing jewelry in this "vert or" coloring. Then, again, another fad which will be very popular is that of wearing old coins attached to long and short chains. The rarer, the older and odder these coins the smarter they are. The chain is made of gold or silver, in largs or small links, according to fancy. It encircles the neck, and pendent from it is an old coin or talisman, whichever the wearer rnay chance to be the possessor of. It is a "good luck" chain. Therefore a talisman or lucky piece is de rigueur When a woman begins to wear a chain like this. she must never leave it off. It can be and will be worn twisted around the ïmifi, taking the place of the "bunch of violets;" it can be twisted through the belt, after the fashion of a watch chain ; it can be used as a girdle with a tea gown. but it must ways be in evidence after once being donned. Whether it ia worn at night ia a question too sacred to be asked unlesa the information should come gratis. Bnt the most popular chain of all with the young girls and widows will be the "memory chain. " This is a long chain óf fine weave, caught here and there with qnaint little slides, some representing the four leaf clover, heads, coins, mistletoe, pansies or any fancy which pleases the wearer To the end of this chain, which hangs straight ! down in front as far as its length will allow - they are usually a yard and a half long, which when doubled would make them hang about three-qnarters of a yard in length - is attached a ring, and on the ring are hung an unlimited nnmber of charms and keepsakes, souvenirs and all kinds of fancies. These charms can be iii any fashion, according to the taste of the giver i There niust be a pig among them, a four leaf cJover. a cbestnnt, a sprig of ulistletoe, a coin. But why go on enumerating the fads? They are endless.