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Maw As A Reformer

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Awhile Ago the Doekter told maw She Ot to Drink Beer to Bild up her sistuin. But ruaw sed She diden't bleeve in Haven tueiu kind of things in the house Becoz thay mite git fokes in Bad habuts. "Shaw!" paw told Her. "Don't Git to Be a 1 Like to see peepul gro old Griiistul and not Have a Lot of straiuge Doshuns in thare hed." Maw looked Burt. But she Diden't say nothing nrsre, and the next Day the Beer Coine. It Seerued to Do Maw lots of Good it' it only Would of Lasted longer, so she told paw about it, and He was inadder than a purson what gits up to Let a Bewtifull guri have his seat and the man standin Benind 'jim sets Down Before süe looks around. Maw thot it was the iceman or Sadie's Bo, and Sadie got mad when maw spoke to Her about it.and Sed she wasen"t agoin to Live at no place whare pe,eple Didn't no How to Behave when thay was Talkin to ladies. But maw rased Her wages a Doler a weak and promised to inake us ware out Stockens and undershurts Longer, so Sadie sed she would Give us anuther trile. Paw sed if ue thot it was the iceman He would ruake that gent ïhink a íire was Bilt under him, But thay coulden't ketch him at it. So maw got auuther case and told the Doekter about it, and the Doekter says: "That's all rite. I no How to Stop it." So he give maw Some little white powder to putt in a Bottel what was on the ice. "My grashus," maw says', "I Don't want to poison nobuddy and Git in trubble." "It won't kill them," the Doekter told her. "They'll git Over it in a Fu ours, But after that I don't think you'll need to By so mueh beer." Maw took it and put it in the Bottel and thay was Cumpny come and She forgot all about it till purty Late that nite. Then all of a sudden paw Looked Skared and says: "1 wunder liow it feels when peeple Git the pendy SeetusV" "1 Dou't Know," maw says, "1 never Had it Vit." "My Hevvuns," paw Hollered, "I feel Like 1 Had Swallered a Dum Duna Bullet aud it was beginnen to Dum." Maw run out to the ice Box and Looked in, and then She Come Back and paw Looked Like if He was pracktasun to Be the lndy rubber man on the stage, so maw says: "Why. paw. ain't you ashamed to act that way Before yoor children? I always like to see peepul Gro old graisful." Paw unv-ouuiLMBÉjtoig enuff to look at wAüJI Wkn he Dubbled ']ÉM Bkast maw why sjfl ■ Doekter. "Oh,M Hre ermything ■ Kaw says. "WhaB Haat way? I so'.'B I of Beer ""■sMt Kt Drunk 'M I Doekter ■ M m" ■ md, with J Hrred. M K-er it in afl Bither it jfl j, airen a V Vctep, and V e top maw '"■V „ VavÊ K But give the Dore al Berly nocked the plasternH W Maw j Bockter yistady that the icenW Wat sined the nleda-e.-