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Old Santa Claus is up tH tricks again. He is gradfj ing the stores a georgeoM mas hae. He clid not foifl The Racl And consequently we are B all customers and we ha greater assortment of ■ Fancy Toilet Cases, I Shaving and Smofl Than we had last year yfl pose to sell thern chelapfl cheapest and with nc c)H and being located off frH priced Street we know wfl This is why Rackt : I become so well knownl VVashtenaw county. We Will lay away yol at any time and keep thl This gives you a chanM coming in after the VJ have been looked oveB choicest articles pickeS right here Iet us say thl people being right hl ground have the advantfl country friends. This ifl We believe that the pi work should have a seat :l table. So, as we said beffË and piek out your stuft, wfl rare of it for you. The Raci 202 E. WASHINGtI New j BuckwheJ Flour 1 Absolutely pure and whB Genuine Eastern BuckwM pound sacks 40c. Michigan Buckwheat, iel sacks 38c. Michigan Buckwheat, 5 pofl ioc. ■ Self Rising Buckwheat,B package. ■ staebI 301 S. MAIN ST,, CORNeI Commissioner's Notifl QTATE OF MICHIGAN, CO Washtenaw. The undersisiBB been appointed by the Probate ('(Mm County, eommiss'oners to reeeiBJ and adjust all claims and demanB sons aaaiust the estáte of DanuB lats of siu'd county, deceaB give notice that six months from cH 1 'Wed, by order of suid Probate I dirorsto present their claims aaiifl titf of said deceased, and that tlievB at the Probate office in the City of M in said Couuty, on Monday the 'M Match, and on Monday the 4i June next, at 10 o'clock a. ;M of said days, to receive, examine Mf said claims. Dated December 4, 189S. ■ L. P. LTMM ü. F WAlB Coi Catharine L. Srhith vs. GeorB QTATE OF MICHIGAN InB O Circuit for the County ■■:■ In Chancery. i'atherine L. Smiih vs. Georg-efJ Suit pending Circuit t'ourr. SiÊ of Wasluenaw in chaneery, arthi Ann A roor, on the öth day of 1)( A. D. 1898. In this cause it appearing from affl file that djafendant, Öeorge Smith, resident of ïhis state, but resides a of Toledo, In the State of Ohio, on m Cavanaugh aud Wedemeyer, amJ ►oliritors. it is ordered that mÊ George Smith cause his apUH entertcl herein, within four n-B date of this order, aud in cusiHJ a nee that he cause hi ativflB plainant's Bill of ComplnintflJ copy iliPreof to be sorvedBj plainant's S-ollcliors. tvitbicSJ after service on Mm of a coJHJ and notice of this order; and tBJ tbcieqf, s:iid bill ho taken asMJ tin' said ncn-resident Defendnnt. m A nd t Is further ordjared, thai ml the t:i li compluiuaut oauseAlJ this order tobe published intheH Viuus-Dtnnoci-at, a aewspaper Mt lished aod olroulatlng in said ■■ that such pubUcatlon be contimBJ 'least once in each week for six B cession, or thnt complalnant cinli this ortler personally served on s6il rient 'least twenty dal the time afcove prescribed for hisaul E. D. KI3 Circuii Cavanaüoh & Wkdem) _ Complainam's Sol