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■ jypátt j THF STORE PPni IS NOW READY FOR OHR1STMAS. YëgZNHbhr WSÊÊÈÊgMÈmSKËSsk Ready with the Most Magnificentiy Complete and Best Selected Stock of I V1l!BBHHPlr HOLIDAY GOODS ever placed before the buying public of this city. This [ "fef '■' WfÈP M í ' b'S store is a"ain in Zahl attire and is a vertable paradise for gift buyers C- full of holiday suggestions that will find solution of the question, What ffssr ' tobuyHKDhtË This Store wil! bo Open Every Evening Until Ciirisimas, Qommencing Monday, Deo. 1 1 ■ ; i i i : : : i : ::: i ;::i i : i i i i i i i i i i i i i ï i í : i ï s í í í íü i í í s s ! i J ii s tiü íií i i : i : i i i ; i ; ; ; :: i i ;i; i i;:;;;:::; i ;;;:::;;:::;;;i::;:iiiii:i:::::; ■■■■■■■■iMiiigttitiiiiitiiiioKtitiMiixiitttKtiiiittMtiMaMtiiMiiiitiitK'iii L ïnk makes no Bargains in this Department J& fgBl CH!?1 fTf! ú f RIRRAN S Int words sleep whïïe prices work wonders. feiT MSt Attractive Sect5on VJ IIYW I 1 ïtïJ lYliWJl ldft ■ AL IA ra J 1T oTTheStoreisourBigBasenient ALL COLORS, WSDTSiS, S!ZES-An Imnieíise Pechase. ohCnllSlO RPflHPl IflilQ ÍTvHiS Bazaar. Here you find an exW&BJuUllflU ëIÖUUÜiIUSBU MXfw5ïi No: 60 Tafféta Ribbon, all pnre silk, all colors, five inches wide, ■ l I 'o? 1 hMt that WÜ3 deüght the eye worth 3öc, Christmas price 20c. ■ } .. -} qMsJ No. 16 Taffeta Ribbon, all nevv colors, pure silk, worth 22c, at 15c. Wr " even t101 yu hflve no ïnten■ W SS W W-TT-V ffe- í e, n(i?LSïNSNo. 9 Taffeta Ribbon, very best grade, all AÏh C X3%X tion Of purchasmg. W? colors, worth 12, selling at 7c I&A&J "m.% Ë. á a. jF 4Ív My No. 7 Taffeta Ribbon, any color you want, at 5c I nksM nri One Room Cevo Ennroiy Wwl 'M ■eled and unapproached in any Cloak De= UMlft $M Tft Tft Y' „ ' „ „■. ,. ,', ■mentin HÉchio-an UIIIIIU WISU Jq W ;#HT{tiJ T"'-e Silk Sat.n Ribbon, all widths, a special ■ Al ifllrtKrt M VA pnce for the hohday trade. ■cket n the Cloak Room at the following fiïRSX WHIH. See üur Prices on Them Beíore ÍPSOT Velvet Ribbons, all colors and widths, splen■ ■i: J M" fikvK d assortment at reduced pnces. t. 1 p O All the New Beautiful Things Here. Laige China or Fewter Dinner L3i vÊfiïE E A T H "% UX Sets - - - - ■ - - - „„_ IlI tyïJtSKj Those new Cheese Dislies with Iron Bed for Dolls 25c. i r AXIirn OAARO cover 85c. each. Doll Swings (Enaineled Iron) 25c t A fl tl il K2 J J U O . Every Jacket markd to sell at Beautiful Salad Dishes (Water Soldier Sets (Gap, Gun and Knapless than $!O.0O. ' feCsold LgÍSes 8 x 14 onlROe. , ?- Pent t,,e largest and best .ho I h r at 2- ' now Autlors, Snap, Bible Questions, f ef 1Plli;s(-JS hi.lVÖ dSPlaf d.Í aU ab"lllWl "' in dt'S'-' ' A4 Nïft OS Cllina Salads with stipled gold etc The 25c kind at 15c. and all k.nds ot leather that is used AI $ö.y 0 -Iges 10c. Blocks with colored Pictures etc, At 25c f ou f' your ch(;'.ce f t!" J hldl('s P"fct'rf Haudsome Little Salads (in Blue 5c set. and órd cases combined, made of soft pebble Morocco. RJACKIB Every Jacket markettO sell at - Pink) 50c. Steam Engines with'whirtto and fj Lafs' PotbookVund card cases co.nrlUUU.Ut7 ƒ Others in Best Germán China at water gauge 50c. bined; &eal and chamoise hned, in fme POCKETBOOK le&s. man 15.00. 5c t0 40c each_ IIot A}r jyjotor8 perfect]y ment. T 5 J AJ ÍÍ-Í1Í ri Dainty Cake Plates with handles less, but still practical 1.25. At 50c, Sealskin. serpent skin, Russia calf, all j T TJ ö 25c to 75c. Girls and Boy's Large Size Sleds leather lined and of best style. &ÉÊ&&ÊÊrS , OJllo S S French China Cake plates (Gold 23c each. At 75c, Alligator, seal, Russia calf pocketbooks, in fflsgJBËrJ Mounted) 50c to f2.50. Boys' Ball Bearing Bobs 1.00. unlimited desigr.s. hj lacket marked to sell at .g. - e $2O OO, Celery Trays 8 styles at one Price Our All Iron Sleds go at 1.00. At $1.00, 50 Styles of ladies' fine purses in all &0MM K16 O $1-00 M ÉÉAl White Enameled Cradles (28 in. the fine leather, silver-mounted and plain ; VrZ f ' ö' Wk Elegant Celery Trays as cheap as long) 79c each. many of them worth one-half more. lHÊZ [ 9 75e. Saw and Sawbuck set only 40c. - __ra_ - - - - - - - - - - - .-■ . ■ Pen Trays 4 styles in French ware Star Combination Boards, a NFW NOVE.LTIES IN klPtS I I -- bination of 16 popular games I1UW nviuwuw i i m' China Chop Plates (Bargains at such as Archarena, Carrom, nAlntli tirttltlítln fíTt M J1.00) now 60c. Ten Pins, Checkers, Billardette, I Al Px " 1 Ikl IU X A Large Comb and Brush Trays oiie etc, are now sold complete at hUUlUW I tl ï IlIUea iBSW I Purchase of Newest Styles in fl ■ -niece 50c 2 25 I " H t.1 „. , , ' , ---.,. i , _; _ „T ., T Picture Frames in gilt, silver enamel and colors; all shapee, stvle and Mixed Cheviots, Fancyl 1 Fine Pickle and Olive Dishes go 1.75 Express Wagons with Iron x and size $1 do5n to 25e in,iOe, Fa0CJ m Kerjpl, VasM fro„, 50CP b.ííü.u r.r.p..';?: ■t about 50 cents on the dollar. ' M p'. UT ea." S1 0A i at 6aC Toilet Sets- Combs, brushes and hand mirrors; sterling silver. Gilt ■ at this Sale at $3.75 for Skirts IT Tobacco Jars for that Gentleman ünuotOQ jn Po,.infi RnnH „e"amfled' a great vanety of styles, $i. 50 down to U. 40. ■ Bf í -o H ni,, ifin fiaol, nUVclllüS IU UcIlUllOU UÖUUS Hat brushes, clothes brushes, hair brushes; nothing like the stock ■5.50, at $1.25 for Skirts worth 1 ML „,.?. on. y " , , n' (n you'll find here- $3 to 50c. I % W cÊoTofafe'ïöfs Ï2 o S 00 ecl, AISj3?g Jl f"" ' ' '"" '" T'T """ M" ," ' ï V - ' n . „ .„. , o, ■, j -p. „„ tBiiuuduj tut, .m.u. spoons, paper cutters, embroidery scissors, curlers, button 1 J W- 2JO Diüerent Styles and Otliei. A!bums from 50c to 3.00 hUkfe, blotters, darn; combs, and dozens of other prettv arI OTR fi A Y rations in Tea Cups, Moustache and Cuff BüXes „ Cellu. , . ' acceptable■■ IIAN Cups, Coöee Cups, etc, ioid 50c each. at 5 and 50c H II lYIW V mg from 5c to $1.50 each. Fancy Boxes for Cuffs and Collars Out.St;el belt bu;kie8, fanCy ent steel hooks and eyes, all at 15c. K B - - --- -- - - i-- - at 70c and up. Patent-leather belts with polished steel trimmings, the latest L% I r f1 V r" S ABr" IS" E? Shaving Sets (containing Safety ideag 50c Jl r-rr" 1t W(D. KO0ePS RiVZ)r' Shaviug Cup and Brush, Ladieg, jewel"ry_ Kng8i 8tick-pins, watch chaina, neck chaina, I WI"M ' t-l ■ # T-1-- Soap, Strop and all other buckles, bracelets, belt pins, waist sets- in sterling, gold-plated, f, , „ _ ,TT„nn_ „.,._, C !1,,,M,, „, necessities) only 1.60 set. solid gold; as good in quantity as any regular ieweler in the city f this week we begin a CHRISTMAS fcLipPER SALE OllVePWa PG. - .Z" will show you Ld at a saving of one third. J fttfers you the choicest and largest assortment of blippers J E f] Ladies' Fancy Garters in Gilt and Solid Silver buckles at 25c. and ■shown in the city. At the same time, we also place on sale Every Piece VVarranted. &ia w# 1 H 50 cents " h other Christmas Footwear Novelties suitable and sensible t t-ffc f II ■ Ladieg, gUver and Gilt Garter Buckles at 10c, to $1.00. , , . Berry Spoor.8 $1.25. Books Marks in Sterling Silver unique styles at 25c. fnothing more appreciated as a present, than an elegant pair G ra vy Ladies 1.00. zk f , " Pompadour Combs Large Size Jewelled and Plain at 25c. and 50c Jioes or slippers. Meat Forks 75c. (PfK rated g IS laml B [ur presents while the stock is complete. Butter Knives 60c lf sometüing newi id Slippers 98c, $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00. Pickle Forks 50c ( 21 inches high ArMr"O'IIIVirrir"l E AO i)tnfortable Feit Nulliñers 98c and $1.25. Sugar Shella 50c. sAÍ7 complete with ALJIt_v!} I V I tS K L I I A ■)n Kid Fur Triramed Prineess $1.50. Jelly Spoons 75c. (wJsSfe Welsbach ' - fcii- v i w i t i i u. i- l_ i i. ■ infortable Feit Slipper 50c and 80c Large Size Meat Forks 95c. JP ner s ■th and Bed Room Slippers 40c and 50c. Sugar Trays 75c. "r Good Gas jC] ij e We have Received this Week a most oppor ■ig. Kid Black and Tan Blippers $1.00, 1.25, and 1.50. Pie Knive $1.75. F Portables go at l ($j ÊÈfy turie anc lucky purehase of Umbrellas, ■et Ktnb. Slippers Oc. and 75c. Childs Sets (6 pieces) per set $2. _jSgWWÊm' 2.00 complete. Ë M which will save our Customers many dimes !!ÏÏTi and Bed Ro-.n Slippers 50c. and 60c. Pearl Handled Childs Sets ((J f "S ) ft I # and dollars in their Christmas purchasing. and Childs Ked Feit Nullifiers 50c, 75c, 85c and 90c. pieces) only $2.75. Vs Ollj'LampS. F&Mm and Child's Bed Koom Slips 25c, 35c. and 40c. Soup Tureen Wm. Rogers $5.35. Fi wlw ö8c' - 25t SerKe Sük umbrellas over 60 Leggins and Overgaiters 25c, 29c, 50c, 75c. and $1.00. $7.00 Cake Baskets " 4 50. m Hand decorated VIvPiIVt styles of Newest handles worth at the mA Childs Leggins 75c, 95c, and $1.15. Sterling Silver Tea Bells 50 each. and with W!'f -i $9 no ■s in Cloth, Canvas and Leather 75c, $1.00 and 1.25. Butter Dishes Wm. Rogers $1.75 W fik ter dl'{lght P ;vvI)ts, Artics Wool Soles, Rubbers, Soft Soles and 5 o'clock Teas in Heavy Brass .JKÍjÍL burner go at Best Taffeta Silk umbrellas Elegant Efendle at $-2.00, 2.50, 2.75 ■ns. $1.49 up.' WWk: and $3.00. BOTH EMIOETES.