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Maj. J. Perrine, of N. Main st. , bas received another infceresting letter f rom his son, Frank J.J Perrine, at Manila: "I am guessing . about the 59 civilian employés who are coming to take the places of discharged soldiars. We are expeoting every day, so I, for one, shall not be so ambitious until I hear how I am going to fare in the mix-tip. This department (enstoms) is doing au awul lot of work. " Every thing used in Manila has to come through here, as the territory surrounding Manila under American rnle is cloaned out completely. ■'Last Suuday my bunky and I took a trip to San Fernando to see the boys of our old troop, but they were all at Aragat, about eight miles distant, so we had nothing but a pleasant train ride for our Snuday's onting, but that we enjoyed. This is the seeond time I have had the pleasure of visiting that town and, I marked the contrast of riding into it on a train with a lot of Señoritas to 'habla Spanish' to me, and wading in through mud aud water waist deep, with a 67-pound pack on my back and slugs whistling past my ears to beat the band. Quite a contrast, to bo sure, but I would give most auything to get info another little argument with our brothers of dusky persuasión and to bnrn a few potinds of CJncle Sain's jood powder. "Flowers are oonspicnously noticeable for their absence in this country. Í ini'snnu' on account of the continual waxfare waged for years. But I know of a little town called Singalong where I was'doing ontpost duty when the late unpleaaantness broke out. At that time rhere were a great inaiiy flowers here. I shall go out fchere tliis afternoon ana, if possible, get you some seeds. ' , ïLi "Twn steamers and a horse ship canie in yesterday, briuging about 400 saoks of mail, so J gnss l will hear l'iom yon, though if the mail is addfessed to bhe troop I probably won't get it for a week yet. ' Mr. Pcrriiif wants his mail addressed in care of the custom house.