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An Attempt At Hold-up

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A case of genuine atterapt at hold-u p occurred bout six o'clock Sumlay morníng just as a prominent citizen was approaohing his home near the Michigan Central depot. Daylight liad not yet broke forth when a couple of hoboes stopped hiin i and deraanded hismoney. ! nent citizen had no weapon to defend nmself, bnt he had a pair of legs on ! íim that are as fleet as those of Ilalf j Back McLean and, making n pretty i dodge, he made a run for a touch i down at his home. The hobo63 infest the neighborhood ' oí the railroads and are nervy in the extreme. Marshal Gerstner says he ' has orders from the prosecuting torney not to arrest them as long as ! they do not come up town as the i coming addition to the jail would not be large enough to accoincdate all who i could be thrown in on a charge of vagrancy. The matter was not raported to the pólice until this morning, and of course the tramps had got out of town by that time.