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Penned Up In An Elevator

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Charles Stewartof the International Packing Co., Henry Meuth the business manager of the Evening Times, the porter in the Cook House and a couple of others got a "raise" Sunday. Tbey had entered the elevator to go up stairs, and the only things that kept them f rom keeping on going uutil they woud have made a metoric in the zenith was the roof of the hotel and the fact that the elevatör shaft was not long enough. In some way the elevator got the best of the machinery and the delightful news was broken to the pa3sengers by the boy who was haudling the cable, that he could not stop the thing. The hopes of the passengers dropped a quickly as the elevator went up. The roof was struck and the cable which controls the water power broke. This prevented the water from being released and the elevator was held fast at the roof. There they were penned up for nearly au lumr, until finaüy the boy managed to squeeze through a small openiug and climb down. The rest of the paá3engers smahed a hole and crawled out at lust. It ia understood that a certain flrm was teleuboned to and acquainted with the predicameut the üve men were in, but they rcfused to come to tbeir assistance. The elevator has since been fixed and is in perfect condiúon, bnt the üve occupants have been dieting on eelery and other nerve foods to regain their normal conditions ever since.