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wkíIíÍ [3 A Book for Young and Oíd. y Uj RECORD Í NERVOUS ■j '' Este 878 1 ■ BLOOO; S' 250,000 M SKlN3h tjjjNj ÉjDSEASED pRlVATE tiS; MEN D,5EASES a50,0O0CUREPÍ ÖYOÜ.NG IAN torSsssíi H when ignorant oL tho tembló cnmo yon ■ IPJ weroeommitting. Didyouonlyconsider WJ íE tho fíisoiimting alluromenta of this evil I A UJ habit? When too lato to avoid the Ha f-JI rible resnlts, were your eyea oijeued to f'H ti your perü? Bid you Sater on in Lu ■3 nood contract anyPKIVATEorli LOOD SW lfl disenso? 'Woreyoucured? Doyounow IjJ hM andthcnsoeeome alarming gyuiptoms? b R Doro yon marry ia your present ■ ■ dition ? You know, " LIKK FATHER, B Yr2 LIKE SON." 1L niarried, are you Ira QJ stantly liyiiiEin dreád? Ja marrinse a LM W% failurowithyouonnoeountof any jfík fT ness causod ly carly abuse or laler r BH cosaca? llave you boen drugged with HM W2 mercury? This booklotYnllpointoutto TrA I ti you tho resulta of those crimes and jxrint UJ ■ oufhowonr NliW METUOD ■ ■ MEÑT will positively curo you. It H ■pfl 6howahow thousandahavebeen Bavedby Pl ri oar NEW TRKATMENT. It IT4 Uü how we can GUARANTEE T0 CURE UN FJ ANY CURABLE CASE OR NO PAY. Fl M We treat and cure- EMISSIONS, l3 ■P VARICOCELE, BYPHILIS, GLEKT, Mi V'é KT1UCÏURI0, IMPOTKNCY, Pl Ly CRET DRA1KS, UNNATÜRAL US 1 CHARGES, KIDNEY and BLADDER ■ ■ diseascB. H CURES GÜARANTEEDB fiJ "The Wages of Sin" pent freo by Fl ■M enclosing Zo stamp. CONSIILTATI0N Lj PI F R K E . If unable to cali, write for M LÜQUESTION BLANK for HOME I rA ■ ÍREATMENT. Ud EKENNlOYKERGANH y Cor. Michigan Ave. and Shelby St. H DETROIT, MICH. PM ÍHAIR SWITCH FREE ON EASY CONDITIONS. Cut thís ad. ont and mail to us. Send a small sample of vourhair,cu telóse to the roots. SKKI) SO MOIíKY; we wilí make and send you by mail, postpaid.a FINE HUMAN HAIR SW1TC!), !in exaet match, made 22 inches lona tiom selected human hair, 2Xonoes, short Btem. We will inclose in packyirewith switch suffleientpostage to return ittousif notperfecUj satiursplory. but if íound exactly as represented and most extraordinary -valuó and you wish to keep it, ith#r end nR$I.50by mail witliln lOdayftorTAKK 0KDKR3 101'. 3 NW1TCHKS AT $1.50 KACJt among your friends and eend to us withuut anj nont-j, we to send the S switches to them direct by mail, to be paid for 10 daye after receíved if perfectly satisfactory,andyon can tfae hao the swltíh we send yon f roe forjoor trouble. VFcgiTe Planos, (Iru-an, St-MÍng fiachloes, DIshes Furnilure, Wntcher, Bícheles, Ca.unrH And other prcmlintu for üikinR orders for Ünr Switches. Ooe ladjearned a Plano Ín fiftton dayg, one a Se wing Harhloe in 3 tlftys. Order a Kwltch atonceor Addresa, Ladies' Hair Emporíum, Chicago. C. H. St. CLAIR, SECOND HANO GOODS. Gtxxls of all deecriptions bonght and sold. Furnlture and Stoves Kepaired 8OO-31 1 N. POÜKTH ST.