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The Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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KEPOKT OP THE i OW)[TK)N OP THE t A.nn Irbor, Michlfean, al the elose of busineis, Dec. 1, 1898. K8ODRCB8. UABILITIBS. LKiaaeiinc! DlsuouaW, Y437,9I3 'M _ ,. , . ... Stooks, Bonds, Morwnures r,9.01 1 59 Capital stock paid in $ 60,000 uu üniteil Stralea and Mich. Stato Bonrts 24.7ih' (iO Surplus fund, 150 000 00 bSmw Hë:;::;:::::::;:;;-;:; S SS Dnlded p i cuteenFurnlturo and Fixtures 7,417 -T2 ses, Interest and taxes paid 14,96116 Othcr Rt. al Estáte 48.78143 Divldends unpaid 398 00 CASH. Duefroni hanks in resorbe oitiep ... 151.R79 32 ÜEPO8ITS. luo from TrPasnrer School DiHt. No. 1, iim -rt.or, lo,tó i Commercial deposita, subject to Exchar.fres for house 3, ;fl0 SÍ3 check 199 5H2 21 'í.viT,:,r,ftíMíin'1 ::.;.:::::- :. s L n":;;:::;;::::::::;::; .o T9 Goldcoln. 4O.%7 50 Savings Certificaten of Deposito,.:... 101.204 29 Sil ver coln. H?' "il Oueto Banks and Bankers 226&391 O. S. and National Ttank Notes 27.9S' '.0 n,43T,898 36 ' $1,487,393 'M Sl'ATR "K M ('HiOAN, 1 Cónnty ol Waebtenaw. f ]. Obarl 1 E Btecook, cashl of the i'oovo aamed oanA, do soiemnly swear that tue abovfi statement ie true to tboIjORt of Irrn, wiedde and belief, OiiAS. E. HisooCK, Cashler, Subscii i' Hf' wnrn tr before n( 1V1 db rtay 01 December, 1898. Michaki. J. PE1TZ, Notary HuOHc CORBBOX Attkht: Christian Waf. W. I. Harrtman. L. Orunor, Dirotor. Capital, S50.000 Surplus, $150,000. Resources, $1,000,000. Transactu a genera! bankiDKucitèss; buys and aells exchangeHoii New York, Detroit and Chicago; Hells drafts on 11 the principal cities of Europe Tliis onnk, already híiving a large business, invites nuerehants and others to oi(iri accounts witli tliem wiüi the asaurance ol the moat liberal dealinp consistent wit.h tiU baiikin?. Ln tbe Savings DepaStment tntierest at the rate of three per cent. is paid semi a nually, on the first daysui Jauuarj and .uly, on all siims that were (Jcjiosi f d three months previóua to those days, thus affording the people of this city and comty a porfectly safe depository for their funds, together with a reurn i i interest for the same. Money to 1o,d on approved securities. DntKOTOus.- Christian Mack, Daniel Hiscock, Willard B. Smith, W. D HaJTiman, William Denbel, David Rinacy, L. Gruner. OmcBBS.- Ohristian Mack Treidt ' D. ITarpíiiimi, Vico-Presirten Ciuio. . íüaCOCk, Crtouibj ÜI. i. ïiitx, anS t-vitflUim .