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Justice Doty on Wednesday eveinng married Maxwell J. Martell, of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Miss Alice Hilton, of London England. William Walsh has secured his release from the McCormick people and i now engaged as an agent of the Ann Arbor Organ Company. Henry Stiller and Miss Julia Rieth, of Delhi, were married yesterday by Rer. John Nenmann, of the Bethlehem Evangelical church. Mr. and Mrs. Stiller will go to housekeeping on YÍM 8t. John Shankland, of Superior, and Martin Naylor, of Northfield, have returned from their deer hunting trip in tke northern part of the state. They brought back with them two deer that dressed 163 and 104 pounds, besides having killed two smaller ones. The masked ball given last evening at Germania hall by the Harugari Maennerchor was a great success, 110 couples .being in line in the grand maxoh. The Chequamegons furnished the music. Everybody had a good time. A petition was filed in the probate court by Attorney Zina P. King to asce.rtain tho heirs of Richard Masón Chipman, deceased. Mr. Chiptnan's mother, Sarah Chipman, died in Bridgeport, Conn., possessed of property in Ann Arbor, and his interest is to be set out for his heirs. James Moore, of Webster, and Miss Louise Emma Tessmer, of Ann Arbor, were married yesterday at the parsonage of Zion's Lutheran church, Rev. Alexander Nioklas officiating. The witnesses were Mr. and Mrs. William Prey. The bridal couple made a handsome appearance as they drove away from the clergyruan's residence. A number of Ann Arbor people attended the Thanksgiving banquet and entertainment givcn at the opera house in Doxter last evening by the laduies of th Catholic chucrh of that rillage. All report a splendid time. Father Goldrick, of Northfield acted as toastmaster. Among the toasts responded to was one on the Army and Navy by W. W. Wedemeyer. Ralph Riese Edwards and Miss Nettie Sinith of this city were married at their new home on N. Ashley st. , Thanskgiving Day by Rev. W. L. Tedrow. The groom is the son of Charles Edwards, oí the ílre department, and is in the employ of the Moore Hardware Co. A nnmbr of friends had aaaemblod to witness the interesting ceroinony. Mr. William Copeland and Miss Clara Edwards stood up with the bride and grooöl. . A uice dinner -was ervcd and uiauy prcsents were made. Ainun the g.nesta froni ovit the city were Thomas McCoy and sou, oí Dexter, and Mr. aud Mrs. E. W. Cornwell, of Sharon. Prora Saturday's Daily Argus. Miss Kathurine Barry, of Jaoksou, has been appointed assistant city treasnrer Jacobus & Son were the flrst to pay tbeir December taxes. Pnly a bout a dozen presented tbemselves ycsterday, the first day, to pay their assessmeuts. Applications for the second semes ter of the University School of Musi are beginning to come in. The pros pects are now for an increased attend anee The hunting party consisting of Dr Kapp, William O )rson and Reuben Armbruster are home from the north William Corson secured a deer weigh ing 135 pounds. They all coniplaiued of the want of siiow, but say the dee were as plentiful as ever. A large crowd is reported to have at tended the cock fight held up the Hu ron river on Thanksgiving day. Mos of the birds local, there being a few from outside. Considerable money is said to have changed hands, and a general good time with yery interest ing events was had. The eleventh annireraary of the Schwaebischen UnterstnetznngsVerien celebrated in the hall of the society Thnrsday evening, was a great success. The hall was filled with members of the society and their friends who enjoyed an elabórate program o: music and readings. The society ia in a very flourishing condition. Domestic articles of every description will be on sale at the Congregational church all day Friday, Dec. 8. Aprons, cl jthespin, bags, stocking bags, etc. In the fancy dopartmeni will be a fine assortment of party bags, drawn work, dolls for the children, in fact nothing lacking in the fair. Everything there. Henry De Pue, of the Saline road, has the most unique mail box in preparation for free rural deliverv. It is a portion of a knotty tronk of a tree. It wiil be set upright and the lid, ent out of the natural bark of the tree, can be lifted so that the mail matter can be inserted. To all outward appearances it will simply be the stump of a tree. The annual pleetion of Fraternity Lodge No. 202. P. & A. M., was held last evening. The following offleers were chosen : Walter Seabolt.worshipful master; A. A. Pearson, senior warden; John Linde nschmitt, unior warden; Frank H. Warren, senior deacon ; Thos. Corbett, junior deacon ; Chas. E. Hiscock," treasurer; C. W. Jreenman, secretary ; Thomas Taylor, yler. The proposition to ask that the grades of the streets and the Ann Ar)or railroad tracks be separated, is receiving much attention. There is a .etition in circulation asking the city onncil to take it up. The property owners of the Seoond and Third wards ealize that if the trackswere raised it vould benefit their property and elimnate the danger of crossing the tracks. ?his means much to people who have ;o cross the tracks daily. Veit Zeeb, formerly a resident of STorthfield, died last evening of appendicitis, at the residence ofjjj George Valker, 544 S. Fifth ave., aged 55 'ears. Mr. Zeeb was a single man. ie was industrious and respected. He ias a number of brothers residing in he county. He was born in Wennweil, sOberamt Eenlingen, 'Wurtem)erg, and was a soa of Veit Zeeb. The 'nneral services will be held at the Bethleheru Evangelical church toinorow af ternoon at 2 :30 o'clock. Lnterment in Forest Hill ceraetery. Mrs. Fred Gerstner, who has held ;he highest office in the Royal Neighbor Lodge the past year, was greatly urprised by a crowd of 34 marching n on hr last evening. They were Eoyal Neighbors and husbands, and oon to be husbands. The evening was sleasantly spent in pedro, croconole nd checkers,aftertwhich refreshments were served and at raidnght the happy rowd dispersed, congratulating Mrs. Gerstner for fllling her chair so ably, nd hoping to have Mr. Gerstner soon ake the Royal Neighbor degree. From Mondav's Daily. Dr. J. A. Dell yesterday received the ad tidings from Saline that his broher, Jolm G. Dell, is very low. J. Q. A. Sessions has removed his real estáte and insurance ofíice to room 5, second floor of the Henning block. Rose Hotohkin, who married Ernest Hotchkiu in 1893, has commenced a snit for divoroe on the grounds of desertion. E. W. Staebler and DonJ Stevens have been appointed local consuls of the League of American Wheelmen for this city. It is now said that the new electric road between Battle Creek and Kalamazoo will be running by the last of December. When will the line from Ann Arbor to Jackson be running '? The missionary society of St. Thomas' chnrch in Freedoin will have a box social at the residence of Mrs. Christian Hieber's, Thursday, Dec. 14. The trial of Austin Marken vs. Tred Marken which started in Jnstice Doty's conrt Friday was concluded this noon. The plaintiff was awarded the $156 which he claimed. Tho collection taken for the Charitable Union at the union service held in the Congregational chnrch Thanksgiving Day was $39.54; St. Andrew's churoh, $20.67; private donations $17. William Jackson, of Saline, whose ann was amputated a week ago on acconut of blood poisoning by Dr. C. G. Darling of this city, was reported better yesterday. Fears were entertained for his recovery. The petition asking conncil to take steps toward separating the grade of the Ann Arbor railroad tracks and the streets, is being very numeronsly signed today. Everybody favors it. By referring the question to an active coiuinittee, somothing will be accomplihed. The first snow of the season feil las night, indicating that at last winte has come. At the 49th annual meeting of th State Teachers' Association to be hele at Mt. Pleasant during the three day succeeding Christmas, Prof. B. A Hinsdale will read a paper on "Wher Our Schools Fail Most;" Dr. Angel will talk on "The Relation of the Colleges to the Universities, " and Stipt Slauson will read a paper on "Conso nants, Electives and Equivalent in Ooilege Entrance Requirements. " Tne American Express Co. put on a third wagon in this city today. Fran] Camp drives it. The new horse ar rived Saturday evening and the wagon yesterday, and they are both gooc ones. So is the driver. It is not very rnany years since one -wagon sufficed for the express business in this city Now it takes three wagons. George Waar, the enterprising booL. dealer and publisher, has issued a new Ann Arbor souvenir which is full of the latest views and will be an acquisition to the illustrated history of the city. He has also commenced to fil the long feit want of private posta' cards containing views of the university grounds and its buildings. They are very pretty. The U. of M. Calendar this year is a beauty and makes a handsonie souvenir present. It gives a dozen different half-tone views of the university grounds and the original and artistic designs surrounding the 'months" are by H. T. Miller, a former illustrator on the San Francisco ïxaminer, and who is now attending ;he university. The funeral services of the late Viet Zeeb, held in the Bethlehem Evangelical church yesterday afternoon, were largely attended. Rev. John' Neumanu, the pastor, offleiated. The pall bearers were George Mast, Michael Gauss, Jacob Wahl, John Steeb, Conrad Schmid and George Bohnet. The remains were placed in the vault n Forest Hill cemetery. The Ann Arbor Chicory Co Saturay received a carload of roots from STewark, N. J. The active work of he drying plant will probably be ompleted next week. Considering he exceptional dryness of the season, nd it being in the nature of an experment, the majority of the farmers who planted chicory are well satisfled with the result. With an ordinary eason the yield of roots would have seen much greater. That chicory can )e grown in Washtenaw county bas )een demonstrated. Next year the armers will better onderstand its ulture, which in itself will help their rofits considerably. A very prosperus season is looked forward to next year.