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Mortgage Sale. TTTHEREAS, DEFATJLT HAS BEEN MADE vï iu pnyment of the money secured by a mort.gajfe dated the eth iay of May, A. D. 1HS9 utecuied by Grace Teltord, of Dansvllle nghani Ooun'y, Michigan, to Sabina J. Hale, f Dansville, Tngham ountv, Michigan, which uid mortgage was recorded in the oflice of he Register of Dceds of the County of Wastaenaw, in Liber 13 of ruoitsages. on paste 297, n the 8th day of May. A. D. 188P, at 8 clock A. M. And whereas the amount elaimed to be due u said mortgage at tlje date of tbis notice is he sum of fonrteeu hun tred and forty-flve ollars and fifty cent. 11445 50. of principal nrt interest, and hefurthersum of tweotyIve aollar ($25.0), as an attorney fee siipuated for in said mortgage and which is tlie hole amount clatmed to be unpmd on said ïortpnire and nosuit or pruceodina having oen insiituted at law. to recover the rlebt ow remainintr s"curcl by saM mortgriisre. r ny part tfoeréof wber. by the power of sale out iiied Va said mortgage has beconie P'-rative. Now therefore notice is bereby vien. tliat y viriue of the said power of sale, and in ursuance of the statute in such case made nd provided, the said mortgage will be foreloseji by sale of tbe preuiises tfei-rein 'scribed. at puhlic anction io the highest )id(ler, at the South Front lor of the t ourt ouse in theClty of Ann Arbor. tliat bcing be place for ho:ding the Circuit Ccuit) in aid Oounty of Washtenaw. on the 27ih ay of January, A. D. imo uext, at 10 o'cloek u the forenoon of that dav, which said iremies ai e described iu eaid morteaie as llows. ti)-wit: The northwest fraetional quarter of fraconal section two (.). c filtyseven ud sixty-nine one hundredths 6' and 69 100 eres accordintr to thf original government urvey be the same more or less and the east ïalf of the Dortbeast fiactional quarter of rucilonal eection uumber three ,3), containng abjut twenty-eifrlitand seventy-five one ïundredthg 23 and 75-100 acres of laud accorilng to he orijrinal gorernment survey be the ame tuore or less, a'l in township number ne (1), eouih of rao(fe number four (4) esst, owcship of üexter, Waahteuaw County, ilchljran. Dated Oct. 17th, 199. SABTVA J HALE, AVANAÜGH & WBDEMHYER?rta'iee' Attomeys for Mortaragee. Commissioners' Notice. CTATE OP MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF -3 Wa-hienaw, ss. Tlieundersiffned having jeen appointeii by the Probate Court for said ouniy, Conimisloners to rece ve, examine nd adjnst all claims and demands of all perons aiiinet the estnte of Amonio Schiapacaese. late of eaitl County, deci ased, her by ive notice that six raonths from date are j owed, by order of said Pro'iato Court, lor ! reditors to present their claims against the stato of sHid deccased. and tbat thev will neet at the office of John W. Bennett. In the ity of Ann Arhor. in said County, on Thur-y tlieKihday of Pebruary, and on Monday he Ttb d..y oi Maynext. Ht tén o'clocfe A. M. f eacta of said tiys, to reoelve, c-xamiueand fi.iust !-aid claimt. Dated, November 7th. lSSfl. JOHN L. DUFFY, JOHN W, BENNKTT, G1 mrpisirin'T'c V 0ZTROT, MCM. y The best place In America for young men and' women to secure & Business Edu catión, Shorthiuid, Mechanica.1 DrawiBg or Penmiinship. Thorough eye tem of Actual Business. Seseion entire year. Student begin any time. Catalogue Free. Reference, alll Detroit. W. F. JEWKLL, Pre. P. K. SPENCJEK, Se Highest Markst Prlce PAID FOK aiissiLSvU I 01111! jf A. F. 5HEPÍ1ERD, 410 Detroit St., ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN. JNew State 'Phone S6. D!l CO ''nd Hssoclate riiseafes, atso i II CO utely curéd. return HORTON'S füHTHYOL F!LE GURE. Used and endorsrd by physicbins. ! vu-f o n-iits, poairaic). Samples and re porte freí . MURAX CHEMÍCAL CO., LOU1SV1LLE, KT. 1 These tiny Capsules are superiö" C to Balsam of Copaiba, - ■ fl CubebsorlnjectionsandAifiA I#J I CURE IN 48 HOURSUWÜIJ BS j the same diseases wrth-- 1 out inconvenience. - íLtyp'í QrHffét&fi: