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Bal Correspondence.] ■n". Oct. 20.- As an impoi ■ i the present war and th K influence in the develop Be continent after pcace i ilie raihvays of África ar interest. The chief systeni peration aro tbose of the ïiatal governments and the r railTs-ays. Tlie Cape gov ■Jv.-ays are tlie longest auc Knt and may be taken as. lö of África. The Netherrays are peculiar froni the ■ management and equipJPïvtd largely frooi HolIre owned partly by the 'trument aud pattly by Bj Passenger earsonthis F" half the usual lengtli Bon four wheels. The B largely of steel, in ■ Hi;is unique liue is furJj) thnii the pretentious M ca. Many steel ties H) .-] the stations, freight ■ e houses are mostly ■tone. Certainiy there is tut' roadway or equipBthcrlauds railways that ppKsed. but many extraorfes are toid about tbe manf I to be a regular thiug to te lost. damaged or stolen, lorly impossible to get auy Jípense or explanation. The ■hipmeat is no guarantee I Several big steam boilers pst btween Delagoa Bay puburg, and every effort to i was unsuccessful. ïwo hnnber from Oregon disfetween the same places, e went to the raUway i claimed damages. They iv.n time iu lookiiig up the aben tolil liim tiiat he had Ifreight. which amouuted, ■fcheir method of figuring. W the valne nf the lumber. Inte consignee had no rpfiii.illy and wisely let the it goods go to niny be inferi eaU whieh caused inueb ■ne little time ago. A remie official was accustíd of ■keus and other thiugs in ■ he line. He was defendftpany's attomeys and reKiosition (3 uring trial. lic Bietod, and the eliickens Hum!. Whatevei' may be B' Xotherlands railways, ■;ivit !e alleged tliat tbey ■ !. dlviderds havo been Buil a year for soaie time. Bn.iu SS.00O.000 to $lü.Bnuiu. Enormóus ae1 B Ie in the face ui' large B' betterments aud no ■ s toward econoiny. V r-iutes fi-oin tbo coast L The shortesl of these Hgoa Bay, beginning at ues. passing ."il miles ■Líese teiTitory, and end■ia, the capita] of the Hhe total length of this ■'s. The second shortest Kiusvaal is fi"om Durban. ■ the British colouy of He passes througii PieterKi runs northwest, skirtB.'iry line of 1 lie Orange BhI passing through Jo■ i'lH' lougth of this liue to Pretoria is -140 milos, lite is from Cape Colouy, Inding at Port Blizabeth ■): Cape Town. the capital ■ Py tbe Port Blizabeth 'iiiuce is 7ül miles. To :he distanee f ruin Pretoria i' miles. [ 'i '■ frican railways have 'i - t 6 lnclies. Natal ■ steepest grades and re engiues to draw trains rst sections. Every few ■jjiiere is placed a low Hanns pointfng alonjr Bjtsite directioas. Ou H, niarki'i! the WOfd Hbtu!'i' the figures "1" Br the gi-ade may be. M laïd out in {hese W Ie vel - and sti ■fiy paris of Xatal is ■ '. and the country H ■ tlopment of AfH ich the railwaj - are Br . st conspieuou B cneiid the H "lies of the eontiIr high on all Afr Bá se a little B traffle wl'll bear it. Bid employees of the B are ril! Holl H ! apI spirit of nationality H -üsh colonial i Hkod is i ntia! Bji ONperirrice ili ' Bk'! j