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Timothy Woodruff

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Few tucu of prominence in public affairs eau compare with Lieutenant Governor Tiinotüy L. Woodruff in uiany sidedness. Iu his young manC bood he was au athletic ligbt at ïale and foremost ín students' pranks fiad frolics. WTïen his college days were over, he went into commercial and luauufuetnring life aud by a rare eombination of eaergy, industry and good luck made himself a uiilliouaire. Duriug thi.s pertod it is said that lie never violated bis rule to live frugally and to devote uimself to business untlJ his incouie was $50,000 a year. Wlii'U lie neacfaed tuis point, lic entered political life and applied Irimself to it as engrossingly as he had to manufactm-Iiig and, it may be added, as successfully. lie rose rapidly from the ranks nntil be beeame one of the leaders of the stale and in 1890 was seleeted as the running male of Governor Frank S. Black and iu Í898 of Theodore Roosevelt. He has a very pleasing personaUty and looks far more like a Yorkshire squire than a typical American. He is fastidious in dress to such an extent ;is to provoke tlic satire of political opponent, who have dubbed him "Tim o' the Wescots" aud "Necktie Timothy." He is a fluent speaker and wi-iter and s imel at pepartee. Once when in debating with a wealtny politician the latter said: "Wealth glves you no advantage. I'm as rich as you are." "Yes." replied Mr. Woodruff. "but you made your fortune out of politics, aud that's where I'm spending mine."-