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Joubert's Reply

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Tliose wlio met General Joubert when he was íd New York cïty a few yeara ago as the guèst of Henry George recall him as a plain faced oíd man with a masé of black bair streaked with gray and a full, grizzled beard. He speaks EnglisJi, bút liis Avife, a woman prematnrely aged wit,'; domestlc toil, spoke nothing save Duteli and s.-ii patiënt. thougl) unmistakably bored, at the affairs to whleli slie and lier bosband ?vere iürited. Witli tbe fathor and the mother was a strapping son of 10 or tbereabout-, wlio strongly restiiubled Joubert. The oíd íí'niT;i] told witb modesty of his negotiations with the Britisb at Majnbn Uil!, and his eyes sparkled as lic recited liis reply to the Brltisli commander in chief. "II nol comport with these," said tho British general, pointing to ihe deeorations on :is breast, "to accede to your terras." To whieb gaid Joubert, pointing to liis rific'ucii. "And it does not comnori