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There was considerable kicking a bout the city yesterday afternoon over the delay of two hours or over in the receipt of the afternoon mail at the residences about the city. The new order of the postoffiee department in reference to the mail here took effect, yesterday, and the carriers now leave the postoffices at 3:30 local time. ÏJie foot carriers are delivering mail from half to three quarters of an hour after dark, while Baxter and Donnelly, the two mounted carriers, are ont for an hour and a half after dark. They were forced to provide themselves with lanterns. It is thonght that the ruoiinted carriers may be started ont an hour earlier, which would cause them to miss the 1 :55 mail. The incouveniences and delays imposed by the change in the hour of delivery are inany, and as time goes on, will be more and more forcibly ealled to the attention of the patrons of the office. Not only are they delayed two hours in the receipt of their mail, but letters dropped in the letter boxes don'tgetout assoouas they did. Formerly the letters collectecí from tlie boxes caught a fast eastern mail and a northern mail, which are now missed. The eastern letters are delayed five hours, while the northern mail, much of it, must be held nntil the next morning. All this to oatoh a little dab of letters which come off the 1 :5ö train, a habitually belated train. Postmaster Pond did what he couid to prevent the change in the hour of delivery being made and appeals for redress must be made to the postoffiee department at Washington. At the request of a prominent zen, a protest will be drawn up by the Argtis and left at this office for the. signatures of those who want the delivery of mail at the old hours. It is designed to make this protest the more eiujiliatic by not circulating the petitiü", buf simply leaviug it at the Argus office for the signaturas of those who are iuconvenieuced enough to cause them to take the trouble to come to the office to signit. In othsrwords, it is to be a protest vohvntarily signëd and in tnis respect difEering from the ordinary protest to which signatures are solicited. From expressions heard on the street, the Argus judges that our citizens do not wish to see the letter carriers carrying around lanterns to deliver mail. -when by taking an ealrier start they wiU get the mail around sooner and get the letters collected from the boxes out in better season.