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Notice in Chancery. OTATE OF MICHIGAN. In the Circuit - Court lor the Oounly of Washtenaw ia Chancery. William Payne, Complainant vs. Minnie Payne, Defendanl . Suit pending in theOircuit Conrt for the Countty of Washtenaw in Chancery, on the lfith day of Ootobev, a. i 1899. In tiíis cause I it appearing; from aflïdavit on file. that the Defendant Minnie Payne is not a resident of this State, but resides ;it Kingston, Ontario, in Canada, on motiou of Kandall & Jones, Oomplainant's Solieitors, it is ordered that the sairt Defendant Mlnriie Pjyne cause hei' appea ranee to be erttered herein, witliin fonr months from the date ol' this order, and in case of lier appeaianee that she causé her mswer to the Complainant's Uill of Complaint to be flled, and a eopy thereof to be served on said Complainanfs Snlicitors, within twenty days af ter service on her of a ropyofsad Lili, and notice of töis order; and that in default thereof, said bill be taken as i-onfessert by the said non resident defendant. And it is furt.her ordered, that witliin twenty days the said Complainant cause a notice of, this order to be piiblished in the Ann Arbor Argus-Democrat, a newspaper printea, published and circulating: in said county. and that such pnblication be eontinued there at least once in each week. for Bix weeks In snccession. or that he cause a copy of tliis order to be personal ly served on said resident Defendant. at least twenty days befóte the time above prtscrlbed for her appearance. E. D. KINNE, IvAnimi.l & .Jones, Circuit Judge. Complainant's Solicilors. Estáte of Emily Howard. ST„AÏ5 OF MICHIOAN, COUNTV OF U washtenaw, ss. At a session oï the Probate Court for the Oounty of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Olhoe in the City of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday. the 2lnt. day óf November, in the year one thoueand eig-bt hundred andninety-nine. Present. H.Wirt Newfclrk, .ludee of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Kmily Howard deceased. On readinpr and liling t.he petltion dnly venfipd, of Nora Phelps, (hat tbc aduiinistration of said estáte raaj be ranted to herself or some other sultitble per-on Thereupon it is ordered that Wedncsday, the 2M.h dy of December uext, at 10 o'clock !n the forencon, be assig-ucd lor the hearing of said petition, and that the helrs at law of said dw-eased and all othe persons interosted in said estáte, arerequired to ftpnear at a 6ession of said Court, 'then to be bolden at the Probate Office, in tbc City of Ann Arbor in said County, and show oause i f any there be, why the prajer of the petitioner should uot be granted. And it is further ordered that said administ rator (ft ve notice to the pereons Interestad in said estáte, of the pendency of said petition, and the heajkig thereof oy a copy of this order to be pubïsbed in the Ann Arbor ArgruB-Demoorat, a uewspaper printed and circula! íiik in said county, three euccessive weeks prevlous to said day of heártnj-. 11. WIRT NETIRE, , , Judge of Piuuate A true copy.l P. .). Lehman, Probate Register. Commissioners' Notice. GTATE OF MICfilöAN, COUNTY OF o Washtenaw- ss. Tbe undersiffned tiaving jcen appointed by the Probate Oourt Por saiá ounty, commissionerS to reoeive, examine ind adjust all claims and demands of all per!M)e aealnst the estáte of Pau) Frltz ate ol said County, deeeased, hereby rive ootiee that Bix months from daïe are illowed. by order of the Probate Court for reditorsto presen I theír elaims ajraiustthe suite of said deeeased. and thtit 'ih(y will qeet al i be office of Cavannuph & Wedemeyer ri Uier.iOyor Ann Ai;bor. in said county, on aesIay,the27thdayiof February.aud on Monlay, (ho27i,h day ol May, i,,i. a ten , .Vloek i. tn. pi each of said days, to reoeive, examina mii iidinfit said frlaime [atcd November:;?. 1S00. VV m. Mc'!vt'-,'K JOHN. M. KKKSS.l ' un 'i.istoners. M-ARRr-Sendci. for monthly matrlmo " mal paper, wealthy p (pons personal troductions Mr and Mrs. Drake 155 E Washington SI , Chlcag'o.