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WANTED, FOR SALE, Efl ' - - - - il ,. pAltM of' 138 ncres in Webster at bl Vf , Must besold. (lome Uais 1 ïwny forevor. ARTLlUtt BuüWN. pOUSALE- Twofarms, betweu Uriill ' 1 ter Station and Munohet-tor. Ennuii'3 lonn Burg, Aan Arbor, or Goorge Buru I Ine. ; 'f ] FOR SAI F Ohol.-c Barred ïBj rUK OU,C mouth Kook Ekiís ifli íeíting, One Ooekerel ol' Üie Hawkins Blur, t 3train, B. P. K. 4lu North Btate streot Aun Ar Dor, Miei). COR SALE- JLawn Fertilizer. Best evr put ñ u5n Leave orders with Louis Rohde, 222 E. Huron st. 2otf pOUND- Fish rod on river road, Owner ïnay 1 .have sanie by provine property and payInar lor this adv. Mrs. K. L. Speechly, Geddes Avenue. 4(j pOÜND- Ladies wheel Uvo miles out of city 1 Owner by provingr property and payine for this udv., tnay obtiiin from A J Elliott, M. D., Geddes A :v. 4IÍ-8 ' ïlRE INSur,nixCc.. OHRISÜAN MACK, Vfiont (or the followinf? Fliai 01i Compante represonting over twentydlihl Milliou Dollars Asset, innue polltlen ( thf' lowoyt raten .43tna of Hartiord $9, 192,644. (K Franklin of Phila 3,118,713,00 Crerraania of N. Y 2,700,729.00 American of N.Y. i,0öö,968.00 London Assurance,L,ond'n 1,416,788.00 SlichiganP. & M., Detroit 287,608.0(-i S. Y. ünderwriters, N.Y. 2,596,679.00 ïiational, Hartiord 1 ,774,505.00 Phenix, N . Y. . 3,759,036.00 WTSpecial atteotlon givwii to iiie iDRiiruncr o iwelllnga.schools.ohnrche aiid &utlir bHildiinu 'erms of three and ftrfi vear Now is your time to useadSfiL fertilizerJ For your fall wheat. Til and see the resul t. 1 FOR SALE BY 9 Louis Rohde ANN ARBOR, MICH. Blue Streak' The new ammumtioii of war, is IM most effective insect aari parasite d;ï troyer produced toda-y. it, is tn most economical and eiïective insiH killer on the market. To be used wl hand atomizers, sprayers or sprinkliB pot. Our line is complete in the liH of insecticides as Q Blue Vitriol Kerosene Emulsión Insect Powder London Purple Paris Green Hellebore DaLuiation.. DRUGGISTS, 112 S. Main St. Ann Arbor CHAS. ZURN, DEALER IN FRESH AND SALT MEATS ANC BALOGNA. 113 E. Washington St. F. J. Biermann, DEALER IN Cliiis..,. . AmijiiiiiStïoij Jtk. Fishiig Tackle The Ii. A. W. Repair Shop BICYCLE ENAMBLING, ETO. 113 W. Washington St., Ann Arboi - ■-■ "'-" ■■■ - ■"' A BOTTLE OF SARSAPASIIXA For 75 cents is what you need in the Spring. MANN'S DRUG STORE, mAPÁ