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Attempted To Pass A Forged Check

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Last Monday about 3 p. m. a young nan, who afterward gave his name as Frank V. Morse, entered W. P. Schenk & Co s store in this village and bargained for a new 12-dollar overcoat, in payment for which he endered a check on a Ohelsea bank 'or $20 bearing the signature of M. Boyd of tl: at village. Üur young 'riend, Major Knight, who waited on ;he fellow, declined to accept the heek. Morse argued the case and ubsequently informed Mr. Schenk, vho happened to come up from Chelea on that day and was present in the toie, that he was a relative of Mr. 3oyd. But the check was not taken, nd Morse left, going to the hotel where he endeavored to induce Landord Schniidt to cash the worthless mper. But the latter declined. Aleautime the store people comiminiated with Mr. JBoyd by telephone, who replied that his alleged signature was a forgery, and further that Morse ïad jumped his Sunday's board bill at is hotel. Not long after this information was obtained Morse re-entered he store and endeavored to re-open egotiations for the overcoat, with the check as a basis for payment. Of course, he didn't get the garment, but when he left the store the second time the check was in Major's vest pocket. Morse took the railroad track west, and later Village Marshal Wolfluger and Jimmie Cadwell started after the fugitive in a buggy, expecting to intercept him near Michigan Center. But he had too good a start, and his i pursuers did not overtake him. ïhe pólice at Jackson were next commuuicated with, and Officer Cali was detailed to watch the railroad yards at the Jtmctión. Early in the evening the officer noticed a man walking wearily down the track, and at once approached him, believing he was the man wanted, froni the meagre description given. ïhe ofïicer took the stranger to the pólice station, where he gave his name and his residence as at Rochester, JST. Y., and trade asan ripholstérer. Sergt. Tobin attempted to talk with the prisoner, but he was orying pitifully. He was arraigned in the pólice court, waived examination and held to the oirtuit court in the sum of ,$500. ïhe accused will be brought before the latter tribunal today and it is believed wili plead Snily. The Patriot of Wednesday morning says : ' ' There were some t'urther developinents in the matter of Frank W. Morse, who was arrested Monday eveniug oharged with attempting iorgery at Grass Lake. C. .E. Babcock, proprietor of the store, carne to the city yesterday, and made complaiut before Judge Crowe in tho pólice court, chargiiig Morse with attempting to pass a forged check. The young man is very penitent and says he must have beetf crazy when he commicted the act. He says his home is in Rochester, N. ï., and i, he was on his way to Chicago. He is also wanted for jumping a board bill at the Lake louse, Grass Lake. and at Ohnlsea,