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$527,000 In Ten Years

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During the last 10 years permanent improvements amonnting to 527,000 bave been made at the University. The several improvements and the cost of each are as follows : Two new hospitals, 130,000; enlargement of the dental building, $7.000; enlargement of Jth e la w building, 25,000; new recitation building,$30,000 ; heating plant, $56,000; new roof on museum, $5,000; gymnasiums, $10,000; dormitory at the hosptals, f20,000; two sun rooms at the hcspitals, $4,000; new law building, f65,000; additions to the library building, $20,000; new roof on the main building, $15,000 ; electric lighting plant on the campus, 5, 000; electric lighting plant, at the hospitals, $5,000. The gymnasiums were built without cost to the state. The city of Ann Arbor contributed $5, 000 towards the hospitals and $1,000 for the site of the Homeopathie hospital which is now building, and which has not been inclnded in the above figures. When completed this hospital (inclnding site) will have cost between 180,000 and 190,000. Withthis addition, the grand total of permanent improvements since 1889 will ainounfc to over $600,000.