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Opens Saturday, Dec. 9, and continúes until Christmas. FOR the first time since I892 National Prosperity will lend its welcome aid in making the Christmas an unusually joyful season. "Hard Times" have disappeared. Naturally & Christmas giving will be more general than ever before, a result of the "good feeling" that Z comes with "Good Times". Inanticipation of this state of things we have bave brought to= 7 gether the finest assortment of goods suitable for gifts that it has ever been our pleasure to display. Every taste and every purse has been catered to. Despite the large advance in all kinds t of merchandise there never has been a season when we could offer you so much for a dollar. Z Comparison with Detroit in this regard is especially welcomed. A loyal customerfor our store 7 will be the invariable result. ? f áFollowing our plan of the past five seasons we shall yr)cl% 'yf I make our patrons PROFIT SHARERS with us during these ;WM "Two weeks and a day" of the Christmas Sale. Full J 4 ticulars will be found in our larg-e'four-page circular. WYSÍm f 7 Our reputation for carrying the "right things", the ''best values" and the very latest styles in STLKS and DRESS t GOODS has been won by merit, and retained by giving a little better values and a little later styles than others. T Jr I Each year more and more people come to us for Dress Goods. Modest MÍ V h J Priees, Dependable Qualities, Up-to-date Stjles are the magnets. For the JfiÑ, Generous assortments and Striking Values characterize our Silk Stock W h t Christmas Dress you'll naturally come to us. Ö, )' Holiday Silks are here for your admiring, prices so low as to make buying a lj Stylish Golf Suitings -2.25 and $2.50 a yard. pleasure. Ljï Latest Parisian Plaids 50c to $1.75 a yard. tyP C Three special lines of Fancy Silks for waists at 59c, 69c and 89c. Superb 52-inch t Whip Cords, 1.00 a yard. X Elegant Waist Silks 1.00, 1.25 and 1.50. w ' Stylish Black Crepons, 79c to 2.75 a yard. 11 Superb qualities in Black Satin Duchesse 7oc, 1.00, 1.25 and 1. 50 7 Durable Black Serges 25c to 1.00 a yard. wL Elegant new Black Peau de Soie 75c, 1.00, 1.25 and 1.50. Fine Broadcloths 75c and 1.25. 35T Popular Black Taffetas 75c and 1.00. ♦ f New Plaids and Fancy Suitings 25c. (V Plain and Ohangeable Taffetas 65c to 85c. ♦ ► j Broadhead Suitings 39c and 50c. i 24-inch China Silk, all shades, 50c. ♦ J Latest Black Goods 50c and 1.00. W 24-inch Oolored Satina, 75c ► Camel'a Hair Novelties. $R, Evening Silks in charming efiects 69c, 89c, 1.00. and 1-25 A k i Coverts, Granites and other new weaves 50c to 1.50. (L Black Brocades and Bayaderes 69c, 89c and 90c. Á M 3 Flor pked th durable ■ -" " T T T 1 f" f ! 8,600 sqre fe.t f Floor sp.c. liJ II .ercHa„dise. _ }Jl. J?. I VI I i 1 I lf (SÜ KJ KJ . , Í. Ijl Elevator connecting the various Everything n Dry Goods, Carpets U fioors. 120 Main Street, Ann Arbor. anders. J f BothTe,ephoBeS The Qy QNE PRICE HOUSC Ííl the Gty. ModstPHcestoa. llí ■- _!y y y , F r , , F w i, n.M.i.1 i i i r , f y iii i W y y y y M y y t 'J y r P r r S I Ijl' - - - _ _ _____ _jj ' Two weeks and a „ $áf , gpH,x fe Two weeks and a I ' dayoí :ySËMÈm dar l I Chrislmas ÍÜMf Christjnas I Opportünilies. Slöfffit' G'fe. Í Commencing 3b f Comraenang T , Saturday, Dec. 9 imñ Saturday, Dec. 9 Í