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WITH 01 VOICE. Aun Arbor Poople AVho Have Tnvt- stigated are ;i Unit on the Subject. The volee of thepeple ís betrei all o er the land Tmmliet untes of trutb Soumi' rl froni Ka.' r 10 vpt Aun Arbor h;is oinil i ho rhrcmsr Many acltizen nfis bfa voice in praise Enthusiastk' poople everywhere Backs relldvi .1 nf heavy burdens Nijfbts of sufferlog, in'y of misery Ri-pome nlgrhtg ( rfst Ííikí daya of joy It's the constant working of loan's Kiduey Pilis Are these reports all true? ttSre's an Ann Arbor man; Ask his ODiinon: ' Mr. Lavvrence O'Toole. of 1825 II'll street. says: " The pains across ni}' baek were nlmost constant aivj were so severe at times tluit I was often obliged to get my back against the wall hefore Icould strarghten. IcouUi hardly rest in any position and was as tired in the raorning as the night hefore. I could not stoop to piek anything -"ff the ground ad was, generully speaking, used up. The kidney secretions deposited a heavy sediment, and were too frequent, greatly disturbina my re%t at night. I wás hothered much with headache and spells of dizziness. ■ I vi ore piasters until I was tired of them and took h lot of medicine, butitdid me no good. Wlien I saw Doan's Kidney Pilis advertised, I feltconfldent they wonld help me, and I got a box at Eberbach & Son's drug store. They did at once and in a short time they thoroughly cured me." Doan's Ointment eoM hy all dealers. Price, 50 cents. M ai led by FosterMilburn Co., Buffalo, K. Y., sole agents for the United States. Rememher the nSme, Doan's, and take no substituto.