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Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee

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Y is the daily beverage on millions of tables. Why not on yours? There's an additionalconsideration in the many substantial and useful articles that go with the coffee. Ask your grocer for it. He' 11 teil you all about it. If he endeavors to substitute an imitation, insist on getting the genuine Arbuckles' - ör go elsewhere. ARBUCKLE BROS., IVotion Department New York City, 'N. Y. What Do You Pag I for Coffee s _ -Stfh That's a practical ZU-i - fj question ! Are you paying " ysV L to r11110 you're paying a high Y L "■ v price, you're probably paying as much .Q ojf fr a name as for the coffee. $ ' L J av) Arbuckles' Coffee is a plain, substantial L $È coffee with an excellent aroma and delicate ' L, yp X# flavor, sold in a substantial way at an honest Hp y i price. You don't want better than good coffee, wJLJr É rJIli do vou ? You can't afford to nav twice the ' r& HBr mi mm m J IgjS ffi' & price that's necessary, can you? Then why not íUJÍM get Arbuckles'? Get right down to the coffee %óPP(r question and settle it; % buying many W%ÊÈtvwJr millions of pounds we buy the best of many large ( jÊÊÊÈÊÊm Plantations at a low price. We sell it to you at a low WmmÈmiïiM Price because we would rather sell millions of pounds at iÈËÈMÊrm a ow Pro tnan a thousand pounds at a big profit.