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"My wife was sick, and 1 couldn't -get work. I simply had to starve,and iny sick wife had to starve, or I had to steal." That was the story told by a Ypsilanti coloree! man name Bird to Marshal Gerstncr at the jail Saturday. The fellow's brother and a man uamed Buroh were also arrested and "whilo the one who confessed implicates all three in the crime of larceny, ieach of the other two maintains that he was not in the deal at all, but each does not hesitate to squeal on the other. The crime for which they are in jail is stealing a load of wheat from the farm of John Hickman in Superior and, for quick work on the part of the officers in bringing guilty men to ,-an accounting, the present case is a good example of the efficiency of the sheriff and marshal. A week or so ago a load of wheat was stolen from another farm in Superor. Sheriff Gillen immediately notified all the milis to aqnaint him with the facts in case any snspicious looking characters presented themsselves ;at the milis in order to dispose of any grain. Saturday morning at 7 o'clock, when those in charge of the City Mills carne to open up the concern for the day's business, there were waiting the two Birds and Burch with a load of wheat to sell. It was measured up íind a check was made out to them for $19 As soon as the proprietor of the mili could gefc an opportunity to go rto the telephone, he notified the sheriff, and the three men were gathered in. They gave fictitious names. The officers snpposed of course that they had the men who did the job of a -week ago. Marshal Gerstner took a look at the men and recognized one of them as ' Bird. The fact that he gave a J tious name made the offleer suspicions :anu he took him into the sweat room. At first Bird denied that he had done ianything wrong. "Oh, that's too thin, " replied Marshal Gerstner. ' ' We know where the wheat was stolen from and have j dence of all your movements since. ' ' Then Bird confessed, and much to the surprise of the officer, he told him vabout the job of Friday. This theft .had not been reported to the officers ...yet. Then the other two were each brought in and were told that Bird liad eonfessed all. They separately ■sicknowledegd that they were along, but each said he had nothing actually to do with the larceny.