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t Every Sugestión of Christmas Qiving. . " ' 4 öreat Floors fiIled with Seasnabie a coLZj&+EVerylhing Priced ïo Make pusii)ess ig m 3EAS0NABLE DRES3 G00D5 M REDUGED TO GLOSE. 1 What more sensible Christmas 8 g L Gift for some member of the family 2 W , than a Dress or Waist Pattern. We 8 PlIAtf stand a large share of the expense. f A few Dress Patterns left of our finest Q v tions,all of which were sold at L3.50 per yard, [ reduced Si. 00 per yard, now $2.50 $ - , $2. 75 and $2. 50 Flat Crepon Dress Patterns now 5 5f%0J down t0 2-25 s Jf; 6 Pieces Black Crepons, reduced from 2.25 to $2.00 X 3 pieces Black Crepons reduced from 2.25 to $1.75 X Ü 1.25 valuein Black Novelty Goods cut down to $1.00 X $2.50 and $2.25 Double-faced Extra Heavy Golf 2 i Skirtiog ,2.00 l1 $1.00 Black Diagonal, Black Homespun, Black 1 üïèlC VVorsted Dress Goods at 66c L fo 90c and 85c Black and Colored Novelty Goods, L Y3 S s and 4S inclles wide at 66c sj ] 8Sc new All Wool Plaid Dress Goods S I U i, 50c Bright Skirting Plaids X J 60c New Winter Wool Novelties X yj(L.f (! 6oc A Wool Cheviots in colors %. , V. , 60c Blue Red and Brown Mohairs C , P4 7 All at 44c % W All our 40c, 35c, 30c and 29c Dress Novelties at 25c r"" One lot 60c Novelties, 50 inches wide at 25c L One lot 45c Novelties, 40 inches wide at 25c L Ê$& 25 Checks 2OC Plaids and Henriettas at 15c 5 Wjg Until Christmas Í Í1.00 Men's Fancy Shirts at 79c 'yM Men's Madras Bosom Shirts $1.00 ZÍ Men's Custom-made Shirts, coat style, L J teed fit, Cuffs attached or detached . $1.50 ÍS üiiPIS Neck Scarfs Handkerchiefs u& j O1 Í) Umbrellas ( ( ) W % Smoking Jackets v'JJ = vffl Finest Gloves ÍC ► Men's Half Hose Bargains. Iki'h 2 for 2sc Hose at 3 for 25c L) Fine Cashmere Hose 25c 8g 'L%& Newest Fads in Fancy Hose 50c and 25c OC Tasty Things in Neckwear. j ËFn English Squares from $2.00 to $1.00 S II Puffs and Tecks worth 75c at 50c Four-in-hands all prices $1 50 to 39c XX n Fine line of Dejoinville's at 13.00 to 75c Xg CHRISTMAS VALUES IN _1 LADIES' UNDERWEAR. v , i % Heavy Jersey Ribbed Fleeced MÊM -T Vests and Pants 25c JpAW S . è 50c Ladies' Jersey Ribbed Pants 39c M4'i-' % v$ f 1. 00 Ladies' Wool Pants, odd AÜ J ?f V Ladies' Extra Large Vcsts and P jJU X? yy Pants 35c J I psPsWl Ladies' 2-button Union Suits 50c v %P1&Y Ladies' Oneita Half Wool Union Suits $1 00 g 51J Ladies1 2-Button Wool Union Suit $1.50 $ yxt Christmas Prices tt annrffiiv % m ersoLow. WiMlJ 2 All Jackets Bunched yrrëMm. $ 8? into 3 Great lots KTfeJS Xj i $5.98 oIhJ I QgV to tsell for up to I0 , l(y f L.OT 2 LOT 3 i 1 $8.95 $ I 1 .79 I WX„ _ . , Every Jacket marked to X XXX Every Jacket marked to f. J, . . . . . . 5ö SB nr 1= sel1 for $25, $22, $20 g XXg sell for up to $15. - 8 K5 andji8 95 (xSq y' Ü ANN ARBOR'S 6REATEST TÖY AND DOLL STORE. X$ __- --5 Beautiful Dolls for little OC $e& 0J& fZrë&S-G? maidens. Os V W JI Dressed K!d Bodres $X XXX aVn " all sizes and prioestoX ySo j suit all classes L &X L$- SPECIAL BARGAIN. L?? li 3 69 Dressed Dolls. larjje X Oör - I tiOWs. anc' small, wonh 75r;x! 3 %)(( to$1.25choice $'.25 Vf OJ Setoípíhw and Q LíX TeOsaf' boards.. 85c QC i("1?rB-J-,S7 Father Goósp Khymes 99c X KO VKfrn&Tl- T.jSfeSW All kinds Buildinir Blot'KB X SSf íék-I "Sc to ÍI.50 5 SC" V "á ,A!Srel_A-- Baby Carriages 25e to $2.50 QO X? X. ■ -$X? W-'.rM-S Snare Drums {1 00 CO 550 Bofer Mr $E&r ■ Express Wagrons }l 10 OS )C? 5tf--- Cottages 60u CO AT5C. 'ÁT I0C. AT25C. S }Kr Authors Games So 4SCandlesfor 10c DinineSets 25o 5K) VS Drawing Slates 5c 2t inch Trum pets 10c The Olymnia 25r X JK? Box Stationery 5e Kltchen Sets lOo Fine Pèn Knives 25c V? ürV Tea Sets 5c Candle Holders Stove & I O" AS? Dominóes. 5c doz 10c iniis 25c sSf &X 12 Colore, Crayons 5c Flutes 10c Metal Drums 25c S?V ÍOÍ Box Paints, 5c Iron Banks 10c Hook and Ladder VV üS Spinning Tops 5c ]ron Cars 10c Carts 25c SjL A? Dolls Heads 5c clowns lOo WashingSets 25c S& ún Saïl Boats 5o Harmónicas 10c Doli Cabs 25c S?V JK? Reversible Tops 5c Set Spoons 10c Pianos 25c V}? ó? ló inch Trumpets 5c Dinner Sets 10c Lawn Mower 25c VK A? Rubher Dolls 5c 20 Styles Books 10c Stabltand Horses25c vO ö?y Noahs Ark 5c Gun Boats 10c Doll Swing-s 25c SOC M( Tellow Kids 5c Dewey Puzzle 10c ïiddle Winks 25c 5oC ÜV Iron Stovee 5e W hips 10c India 25c SNÍ ftJ? Race Carts 5c Snow Shovels 10c Lare Tables 25c xp Ö?V Flat Irons 5c Fancy Halls 10c Red Rockers 25c SOC ö?Toy Books 5c Sad Irons 10c Doll Beds 25c X y$l Celluloid Balls 5c Fire Bnginee 10c Black Boards 25c QC 0X Linen Books 5c Cannons 10c Drcssed Dolls 25c üC ÜV Ox Carts 10c Trunks 25c VC $ó? a wheel Hay Carts 10c Soldier Sets 25c OC CXV W heel Barrows 10c 4wheelHay Carts25c VX $& Saturday Night this week we wil! sell Little Bissel W $$ Carpet Sweepers for Q cents. x jXfS _„_ ■ r-r-r-r-. O5 IcHINñWRRE. i CL0CÍCS m X Pull line of Haviland China m, Dresden China, Onyx, QG XX in Dinner Sets. Tea Sets and S -Nickle Plated; a good as-0! OC Separate Pieces at Lowest sortment of little prices. ÖCt XA Prices. r (K St loc 25 china p.ates SDecal Combinatoii Boards Worth,25c 16Game8 22c %X Rx lAn.ijrQr WARr Pali Bearing Bobbs $1.00 YX XX JAPANEbt WARE. Rough llider Suits , 00 Xg fv Vases, Salads, Cake Platos. T?,,(kincr Finrson tcoa VS Brush and Crumb Trays.Tea I "OCKing iiorses .85 V KX Sets, Syrup Jug, Cracker L GrO-OaitS 40c & 50c Xj? VS Jars. CupsandSaucersanda BiSteam Engines .50 OK Q& hundred more thingra you i, vOC XA may want. Qhafing Dishes, ö oVlock XX S,.nniU nm I Tea' Tcakettles, Bread gS JARDINERES. Trays, Tea and CoffeePots SX? VX Larwea d smal], all new n upavv r„nnpr NifklpJyO 8 CELLULOID COODS. 1 PICTURES. j ( Albums, Toilet Sets, S Colororapbs in all SÍZSS, XS g SsGlovï'sSh0 i WS?5' kÍMdSÍ fraHmed 5Q ing Stts, Smoking Sets, etc. % ln 15ird a-Eye Maple, Hun-?V o eanan.Flemifce and Golden xx 8CLASSWARE. È?k; ,. . SO w ne Sets at 39c up. Medahons; an immense ?yQ SS water sets at 49c up, sortment at all prices. v5( Q Punch Bowls Ï1.50 Oto Cv TumblerS'20c á Finest showing of Latnps In the vjl io A whole section given up to citv VVS 0$ Glass Ware. c ly' 5o( 5S i P-rlorLamps Q& CgSILVERWAEE Libia. y Lnmps x3s 05 Solid Tea and Table Spooas 1 Study Lampa Xj QC Knives, Forks, Berry Spoone, gl Hall Lainps Ov CX Gravy Spoons. Jelly Spoons, Niírlit T nmm xSS 5Q Meat Forks. Buttei Knives TJlgnii,dmp8 O 65 Fruit Knives, Pickle Forks Lamps yy 9Q Nut Sets, etc, in Roger's best a Separate Globes Ov SB Ta rk'indsUOW Silverwure üf All Styles and Prices. X jf GIFTS IN ART NEEDLEWORK jL Tapestry Pillow Tops, 22 inch size, 25 styles, new L?L designs, 15c, two for 25c x Pillow Tops in Art Ticking, Canvas, Duck and tór Linen, all colors and designs, 25c ijs Canvas Pillow Tops, all up to 24 inches, at 35c xx Poster Pillow Tops, all late designs, also tapestry v? weaves at 50c ögi Ready-for-use Pillow Tops wrought in beautiful and novel designs, edged with cord and tassels $1.00 &X Made Pillows, U. of M. Hand Embroidered 22 inch LV - down stulïed $2.50 kX Cushion Forms fiüed with silk floss, 18 and 20 inch x 50 cent. goods at 35c fcX Fruit Oushions of all kinds at 10c to 25c 55 Made Pin Cushions, all eolors, covered with satin JRx ánd lace 25c LX Made Pin Cushions, very fancily designed, finish$Q ed with clusters of Ribbon bows, silk laoe edge 75c Vg Pin Cushions, 18 to 24 inches long, dainty and elab? orate in design and finish, a large assortmeut gg at $i.00to$l.50 xx lanndry Bags of art, denim, omber effects, at 25c QA Laundry and Shirt Bas in stamped linen 40c and 60c gg ART MATERIALS. A Everything ou want here to do farjcy work with, 50 ineluding Coronation Braids - black, white, green and Ra red- Gilt Thread, Embroidery Silks, Linen and Gotton Y FIosp, all colors of Cords and Tassels in Ctton and Silk, $Q Silk Fringes in all colors, Embroidery Hoops, Rubber RX Rings, etc. xX SPECIAL DRIVES. X 1 Lot Embroidery Silks at, per doz. skeins 25c X 1 Lot Embroidery Spool Silks. were 10c sellingat 5c yQ Battenuerg Braid at per yard 2c, 3 doz. yards 40c KNIT GOODS. X Slietland Square Facinators, black and white,at50&75c X Ice VVool Square Facinator, black aud white, at $1.50, X $1.00, 75c and 50c. yQ Baby Jackets uaade of Shstland Wool, all colors, L? $100. 75c. 50c & 40c. A Drapery Silks- all colors 75c, 65c, 50c, 35c and 25c Q DresserScarfs, Pillow Sham and StandCoyers to match X all styles of Spatcuel Work, all styles $l.50,$l.00,75c,50c 50 Lace Pillow Shan at, per pair 35c $Q üish Poiate Squares 25c, 35c & 20c A ' t, SILK UMBRELLAS At 98c, $2.00. $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50, Host Exceptional Values at each price. Some made possible by ad vanee preparation and large orders, others from a fortúnate purchase from a manufacturar going out of business. lX 26 inch Serge Silk Umbrellas with Dre'den Sterling ös Silver and gold trimmed, Hrn and Natural Wood Handles R as good as $2.00 will purchase anywhere here marked. .98o 51 Very Handsome Umbrellas of Taffela Silk Jx with Shovvy Handles. ' Pearl Shoulders with Gold and Silver Mountings. Ivory ö Shoulders with Silver Mountings. Steel rod cane and tas pis; Exceyi lïonaliv Suitable for Holiday Gifts at $2.00, & $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50. ÍQ ' I Ê AT CHR!STMAS PRICES' ÍS il I&t1 Í 60 Taffeta Bibbon.all pure t tVLy:eir' :' öilk, all colors, live inches 5c ULV7l '■ wide, worth 35c, Christmas !x Ij [&, P 'i No. 10. Taffeta Ribbon, all s v tTm ' new co'ors' Pure silk. worth J0&-%%ñ !). Taffeta Ribbon, very V ffl3Eíj }L& best grade, all" colors, worth K ' MlrW M, at 7c. L Jn?f: No' 7 Taffeta B'bbon, any V jWV? color yon want, at 5c. & lMxy fcfrjr Satin Taffeta for neck aud t l a. vuluuj e(. wear) ai colors. K Pure Silk Satin Ribbon! all widths, a special price for j the Holiday Trade. V Velvet Ribbons, all colors and widths, splendid assortA meut at reduced prices. 0 CHRISTMAS HANDKERCHIEFS. Q A Beautiful Fancy Fïandkerchief Box Free with everv X 50 cent purchase of Handkerchiefs. A FEW 0IIRI8TMAS OFFERINGS. 5L 500 doz Ladies' Pure Linen Hem Stitched Hand EmQ broidered initial Handkerchiefs, 011 sale at less than X half the usual price 5c X 200 dox. Ladies' H. S. Cambric Handkerchiefs at 2 for 5 V Ladies' Cambric Hand'ch'fs II. S. and Embroidered 20o X values at 2 for 25c X Ladies' Cambric Hand'ch'fs Lace Edge, Embroidered V in white and colors ioc X Ladies' Erabroidere-J and H. S. Hand'ch'fs, Edged L with Lace, Scalloped and Embroidered Edges 25c evervV whei-f- Sale Price 5C X A Pretty Box with every 50c purchase. íamel warb. JïSSL