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Rector Rev. Henry Tatlock Raised $65,000 In Ten Years at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

Rector Rev. Henry Tatlock Raised $65,000 In Ten Years at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church image
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In his sermón in St. Andrew s church, ou the last Sunday in Novem - ber, the Rev. Henry Tatlock stateil some facts relating to the work of h ; parishin the 10 years since he becaruii its rector. Ten years ago the numbev of families in the parish was 204 ; received during tbe period, 488 ; lost by death or removal, 287 ; present number, 405. The numoer of conimunicants 10 years ago was 361 ; admitted or received during the period, 1,005; lost, 660 (86 by death, 574 by removal); present number, 706. Adding 161 students not otherwise inoluded who are communicants in the parish, "makes the total number of communicants at present in the parish 867. The number of persons eonfirmed duriug the period is 520 ; of these, 191 were under 18 years of age, 329 were adults, 100 being 80 years of age and upwards, of whoni 22 were above 50 yèars of age. Of the whole number of persons conflrmed, 193 were reared in the Episcopal church ; 327 received their early religious training elsewhere; 230 were men and boys; 290 were women and girls, and 180 were students in the university. The contributions duirng the 10 years amount to $64,501.42. Of this sum, $12,370.94 was gathered by parochial organizations, as follows : Ladies' Aid Society $ 3,712 47 Ohancel Society (in four years) 568 90 Sunday School 986 05 Ministering Children's League (in three years). . 56 67 Junior Auxiliary (in eight years) 341 52 Woman's Auxiliary 2,088 39 Fund for Missions and Charities (in eight years). 4,616 94 Total $12,370 94 The disbursements amount to $64,289.600. Of this sum, $39,347.20 was applied to the current expenses of the parish; $1,229. 16 to the maintenauce of 'the Sunday school; $10,23.15 to permanent improvements upon the church property; $3,000 toendowment funds; $1,504.06 to the relief of the parish; and $9, 186.03, or one-seventh of the whole amount, to the mission work of the church, diocesean, domestic and foreign.