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"either A Liar Or A Fool"

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At the state romid-up of farmers' clubs next February there will be a feature on the program that was not antioipated until this week,when L.D. Watkins gave his diatribe on the University of Michigan. He made the assertion that the specialtists of the university were making ontrageous charges for services in their private practice and that instruments were being purchased by the state for private use and were all over the city. The medical faculty have decided upon Dr. Oarrow to state their case before the farmers when they meet her e next February. Dr. Oarrow is very caustic, and it can be predicted that he wil. give L. D. Watkins a very warm reception, if the latter has got the nerve to come to Ann Arbor and face the niusic next February. Some idea of what Mr. Watkins will meet may be had of what Dr. Carrow told his class in clinics yesterday afternoon. He said: "Mr. Watkins is either a liar or au ignoramus. I am inclined to believe he i.3 a little of both, with a preponderance of the latter. You can put up with a liar, because you can show the facts, but I have no patience with a fooi." Dr. Carrow will show, it is understood, that most of the instruments used by the specialists at the university are their own private property and were purchased by theni out of their own private funds. It is said that even the operating tables at the hospital were bought by the profes sors.