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"o. K.--e. J. H." Is Up Against It

"o. K.--e. J. H." Is Up Against It image
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Re een tly My-Very-Name-StrikesTerror-in-Their-Midst Helber got himself interviewed in the sheet published by his brother-in-law, and in which he stated that the fine hand of the plain but hunĂ¯ble member of the congressional committee (Meinself und Heinirch) could be seen in the appointment of Zenas Sweet as a carrier for the Lodi free rural delivery route. The appointment received the "O. K. - E. J H. " and the gentleman who would like to be chairman of the connty committee, and later on postmaster, swelled np like a pouter pigeon over what he had done. But the farmers of Lodi are very likely to ptmeture his inflated chest. A petition has been circulated and has been numerously signed asking that Mr. Perry,the original appointee, be snbstituted for Mr. Sweet. on the ground that Mr. Perry lives on the route and is justly entitled to the appointment. As a start for the goal of his ambition, Mr. Helber has made a poor one. The farmers of Lodi are very liable to trip him. It is now in order for him to come