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Wirt Cornwell, the paper maniifacturer, has presented a valúa ble book to he university library which he found n his paper stock. It is a small volume published in Rome, 1789. Dhe book is in its original binding, lts title is "Saggio di Lingua E brusca e di Altre Antiche D 'Italia per serviré alia störia de Popoli Delle Linqne E De-lle Belle Anti." The author is liuigí Lanzi, a well-known antiquarian of the last century. It is one of the earliëst attempts to illustrate and decribe the ancient monuments, Greek ütrusian and Latin inscriptions in taly. It is of particular interest at this time in view of the valuable donaton of marbles made by Henry P. Glover, of Ypsilanti. The plates in he back of the book are very good. Chere is a copy of the inscription on he sarcophagus, used as a model for ihe one used for Prof. Frieze's grave n Forest Hill cemetery. The author, Drobably for pecuniary reasons, dedicated the book to "Pietro Leopoldo Ar Ciduca D'Auctria Principe Reale Di Ungheria e Di Boesnia Granduca. " This probably meant a good snbscripion. Prof. Davis, the librarían, says the paper is of excellent quality, so good that it is a pity it cannot be reproduced today. The book is marked volume 1, but Prof. Francis W? Kelsey believes there never was a second volume published Books not in the univesrity library are always welcome ifts and particularly when as valuable as this one. Mr. Cornwell will receive the official thanks for his gift.