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F rom Frldav's Dailv Arzus. ■. D. Grose, of No. 1619 Pontia Bet, has disposed of his business in Bimseh, and will return to Ann Ar ■to spend the "winter. HChapin Bros. have moved thei Race of business to the Ferguson Bnggy Co -'s building and will star ne manufacture of gas engines. Miss Julia Ball, of Hamburg iaughter of Hon. William Ball, ha been elected vice president of the 3tate Association of Farmers' Clubs. "Pegness, " the five-year-old pony wned by Miss Etta A. Jewell of this sity, has been purchased by W. H. Cawle, of Grand Rapids, for a haiadlome sum. Dr. Preston B. Rose, the chernist, laè been giving considerable study to he squirrels in the city. He has seviral pets who olimb np on his knee ná begy'ir nuts. He has discovered ■t they will not tbuch aroastedpea■alhe black and grey squirrels are roWery scarce, and there appear tü e none in the city. _ The málfriends of W. H. Golden, tiy passenger agent of the C. H. & ' rilroad in Toledo, formerly ticket tei?k of the Ann Arbor road in this tty.are just becoming aware that last Vednesday he becanie a benedict. The ■oung lady who has become Mrs. Gollen was a Miss Lenora Olding, the lead bookkeeper of a large insurance irm in Toledo. She is very highly poken of, and both she and her husand have the best wishes and conTatnlations of everyone. Hfcie nual election of Ann Arbor ■p No. 27, A. O. ü. W., was held fcveuiug and the followiug officers B chosen for the ensning year: Het master workman, Gottlob Luick ; HBaster ■workman, Emanuel Spring; Iforeman, William Rohde; overseer, IJohn Baumgardner; recorder, Albert IW. Sorg; firancier, JohnKnebler; reIceiver, Gottlob Schneider; guide, John Koernke; physicians, A. E. rClark ;, M. L. Belser, John Kapp and "William J. Herdman ; delégate to the grand lodge, John Baumgardner; alfcfcernate, Henry Allmendinger. I Mr. and Airs. S. A Moran gave n. pleasant reception last evening at ■beir home, 1551 Walnut st., to Mr. Rioran's students of shorthand and pewriting. About 50 of the 75 stnfents taking these studies ventured Mthrough the heavy snow storm BTspent a most enjoyable evening. Ke gnessing of famous characters and Bs conversational, each afforded tnRially pleasanfc entertainment and at K same time offered excellent opporBiity for each to form the acquaintWce of all the others present. These ■pre interspersed by three delightully Bidered harp solos by Miss M. Ellen krken on her beautiful instrument. Hs Clarken is certainly one of the Hit harpists in Michigan, and her Bing last evening only added to her ■els. The evening was closed by ■serving of dainty refreshments, Hr which all joined in singing a Hty little song which had been comHd especially for the occasion, It H! one of the most pleasant recepk they had ever attended. In the case of John J. Tuomey ts. Harinon Holmes, the plant iiff was giveu 30 days in which to fileta securityfor costs. From Saturday's Daily Argus. John Conde, of Ashley st, spent the day in Milan andadjoiniug townships paying tases. There was a lively scrap on the Northside last night and today a war. rant for assatilt and battery was taken out against a man named Mathews. The statejbanks contain 150,000,000 of deposits, there being a slight increase in their resources. Mrs. Schneider, mother of John Schneider, Jr., feil yesterday while crossing the Street, and dislocated her hip. Mrs. Schneider is quite an old lady, paf 66 years, and the injnry is quite srious. John Fleming, for a number of years foreman in the tin department of the Ann Arbor railroad shops in Owosso, has removed to Cheyenne, Wyoming.where he bas accepted a positicii with the Union Pacific company. A little more snowl would make excellent sleighins in the country, as the foundation is just right. Samuel G. Miller, of 1136 Prospect st., reports that at 7 o'clock this morning the thermometer stood 10 degrees above zero. The dance given at Maccabee hall at Einory last evening was well attended. Parties from Ann Arbor who were present report a good time. The funeral services of John Shiplock were held at St. Thomas' Catholic church this morning. The remains were interred in St. Thomas' cemetery. The concert given by the Bethlehem society on Thursday evening was a success in every respect. A bout $10 was collected for the benefit of Miss Kreshmer. The fonrth of the Slocum lectures will be delivered by Dr. Olark this evening in Harris hall at 8 o'clock. His subject is j." The Holy Ghost, the Teacher of the Church. " George Moehringer, of Lodi, is in the city to receive medical treatment. He feil from a hay wagon while working for Mr. Van Gieson and was severely injured. He is slowly improv, ing. Twelve members of Washtenaw Chapter, No. 6, R. A. M.., were in Ypsilanti last evening attending Excelsior Chapter, whose members did the work of conferring the degree upon an Arm Arbor man. Mrs. Martyn, who has been i]l since last May, is now in a more serious condition on account of a slight stroke of paralysis. She is at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jonhson, of S. Thayer st., where she has been living for sometime. ; $V .:-; tggfál fLL The class in mechanical engineere ing in the tiniversity visited th power house of the Detroit, Ypsilant& Ann Arbor electric railway at Ypsilanti Vednesday, and oarried out a series of tests of the machinery extending over a period of 19 hours and a half. It is said that Zenas Sweet will be gven the contactfor delivering mail along the proposed Lorli rural mail route. A man named Perry was sworn in for the work, but it is understood that Congressman Smith kicked because he had not been consulted and that Mr. Sweet's pull is suf3cient to get the change made. The third floor of the new book room in the general libraryof the university is to be temporarily fitted up for special collections. Fire-proof partitions are to be placed so as to divide the floor into a number of rooms, [n these, tables will be placed, ani other arrangements made for the accommodation of certain of their more valuable books in the possession of ;he library. , Eugene Oesterlin, Sr., of W. Huron st., who had a severe fall on the sidewalk east of the Ann Arbor track, is feeling better today. . When he reached the declivity in the walk his 'eet flew out from under him and he struck on his back and head. At first it was feared he had received serious injuries. His son Eugene also feil at the same place. Yesterday the aoard of public works had the place nxeci■■-■"- uirfmumki The Electric Light Company have lad the bad luck to burn out two of ;he armatures they used on the commercial lighting circuit, the reserve one following the regular one. While awaiting the arrival of a new one, ;hey used their strect lighting circuit ;o light the stores. As this was too jowerful they were obliged to dónate ;he city a few freestreet lights to hold t down. %$L'JW$i$.9WmMM "ifiM j Prom Monday's Dailv Argus. "Fred Kranse, the auctioneer, last week met with tai luck in losing a valuable full-blooded Jersey cow f rom brain fever.':( She was sick only six hours. He had refused $60 for the cow. 3Ff ■ Edward Flannigan, of Detroit, slipped and feil on the pavement near the D., Y. & A. A. waiting room as he was about to take a car for home Saturday night, and dislocated his lef t shoulder. Uk,i; William Parker, the well-known buckwheat miller of Geddes, paid the Argus office a pieasant cali on Saturday. f The members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra arrived on a special train on the Ann Arbor road yesteray afternoon. They will assist in ;he Ohqral Union concert given at the Jnivresity hall tonight. The Northside Snnday school bas decided to have their Chritmas tree and exercises on Friday night of this week. It will he given at Newberry hall. Marriage liceusos issued : Clianncey E. Coy, 21, Dexter; Ada S. Frenen, 21, same. Arthnr J. Fullington, 88, Ypsilanti; Blanohe L. White, 25, Fpsilanti Fred A. Burnett, 28, Superior ; Lydia L. Woodworth, 24, Salem. In the want column of the Argus som e great bargains canjbe found. If yon want vork, want to rent rooms, farms, houses, want help of any kind whatever, invest 25 cents in the want column. It is carefully read by everyone. Oswald Herz spent last week in Detroit finishing a nurnber of handsome pieces of china painting that have been ordered for the holidays. Mr. Herz displays great talent, and has an artistic conception for the beautiful that merits his cultivating to the utmost extent. A few days ago the Argns reported that the average daily attendance at the Young Mens' Christian I tion had risen to 100. Last week a count was again made, which showed that the average hadgincreased to 120. The reading rooms especially are receiving a larger share of patronage t han ever bef ore. . ..... „ Last fcvening the Presbyterian Endeavor Society held their annnal election of officers, which are as follows : President, E. C. Knapp; first vice president,. Willis Gelston ; second vice president, Mary Houston ; recording secretary, Ellen Bach ; treasurer, Ralph Magoffin. Friday night at the regular meeting of Ann Arbor Lodge, No. 26, Star of Bethlehem, the following officers were elected: Worthy Commander, Sir George D. Allmendinger ; vice commander, Lady May Fanst ; soribe, Lady Betsey :t Lee ; treasurer, Lady Minnie Trojanowski ; chaplain, Lady Marie Werner ; marshal Lady Racine ' L. Moore ; inside sentinel, Lady Augusta Reitz; outside sentinel, Lady Augusta Meyers; past commander, Lady Minnie Trojanowski ; medical examiner.Dr. Fitzgerald. Cari Bleicber, of Webster, wlio bea spent the past three weeks with his danghter, Mrs. Hagan, returned home Saturday. Mr. Bleicher is one of the old pioneers of the county. Ile is a masón by trade and helped build the old Bethlehem church. In those days bog lime was used.