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If the Baby Is Cutting Teeth f an1 w I! tri d rom edy, Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for childreo teetbing. It soothes the child. softens the guras, allays all pain, cures wind coüc, and is 'he best remedy Lor diarrhcea. Twentygve oeutsa bottle. { Mortgage Sale. WHEEKAtJ, DEFAULT HAS BEEN MADE io payment of the money secured by a mortgage dati d the öth day of May, A. D. 1889. Executed by Grace Telford, of Danevillu, Ingham Couniy, Michigan, to Sabina J. Hale, of Dansville, Ingham ountv, Michigan, which said mortgage was recorded in the office of the Eegister of Deeds of the County of Wa9htenaw, in Liber 73 of mortgages, on page 29T, on the 8th day oí May, A. D. 1889, at 8 o'clock A. M. And whereaa the amount elaimed to be due on said mortgage at the date of this notice is the sum of fonrteen hundred and forty-flve dollars and fifty cents, $1445,50, of principal and interest, and ihe further sum of twentyflve dollars ($25.00), as anauorney fee stipulated for in said mortgage and which is the whole amount elaimed to be unpaid on said mortg-age and no suit or proceeding having boen instituted at law, to recover the debt uow remaining secured by said mortgage. or any parr thereof when by the power of sale conti.ined in said mortgage has become opf-ratlve. Novv therefore notice is hereby given, that by virtue of the said power of sale, and in pursuance of the statute in such case made and provided, the said mortgage will be foreclosed by sale of the premlses thfrein described. at public auctlon to the highest bidder, at the South Front Do#r of the Uourt House in the City of Ann Arbor. (that being the place for holding the Circuit Court) in said County of Washtenaw, on the 27th day of January, A. D. 1900 next. at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, which said premises are described in said mortgage as follows. to-wit: The northwest fractional quarter of fractional section two Cl), contalning fiftyseren and sixty-nine one hundredths 57 and 69100 acres according to the original g-overnment survey oe the same more or lesa and thu east hall of the northeast fractional quarter of fractional seetion number three (3), coutaining about twenty-eight and seventy-five oue hundredtbs 28 and 75-100 acres of land according- to the original gov-ernment survey be the same more or less, all in township number one (1), aouth of range number f our (4) eust, Township of Dexter, Washtenaw County, Michigan. Dated Oct. 17th, 1899. SABTNA J. HALE, Mortgauee. OAVANAUGH & WEDEMEYER, Attorneys for Mortgagee. Highest Market Price PAID FOB ......Live Poultry A. F. 5HEFHERD, 410 Detroit Bt, ANN ARBOB, MICHIGAN. Mew State 'Phone 86.