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Defenders Of Mafeking

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Ainong the garrison whicn under Colonel Baden-Powell ha so gallantly held Mafeking against the redoubtable Cronje and a greatly superior forcé oí Boers armed with modern artillery is a detaehruent of the Cape Mounted police. The Cape pólice Is a perrnanently embodied force nearly 2,000 strong and is about as smart and efficiënt as It ia possible for such a body to be, which is sayiug a good deal when we take all of Great Brítain'a colonial military poIlce into consideration. A glance at the fine etalwart troopers in the picture shows not only the excellence of the material of which the corps is composed, but also the excellence of the equiprnent, enablfng the corps at any moment to take lts place In a South Africaa campaign as mounted infantry ' of the highest elass. A feature of the Cape Mounted police is the fact that every individual man is aecustomed to oceasional solitary duty and is therefore admirably self reliant and resourceful as well as thoroughly efficiënt in the matter of marksinanship and equitation. As to what these mMi can do in unison, even in email )odles, a single 1 structive Instunce will sufBce. At the L'ommencement vi the present war there was a bridge at Fourteen Streams whloii as threatened for days by a streng Boer commando, numbering, it is saíd, G00 men. The bridge was he3 by 25 Cape Mounted pólice j and ?as only abandoned when the Bow brought up artillery. ■