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Rickshaws Of Natal

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In severa' South African cities on the e as t coas t t here havo been imported, along with cooliea from the far east. several dlstlnctly oriental ideas. One of these Is the Japanes method of local transportation by jinrikishas. Durban, the beeutiful seaport of Natal, through whicu England s pourlng her soldiers from the troopBhips, Is one f these clties where the riekshaws are popular. There are several other means of conveyance in Durban. Yon can rid about the principal business streets lo shabby horse cars drawn by mulea, you ma y whiri along in open landaus behind spirited horses, or you may hiiv a rickshaw and go Sylng about th palin shaded streets in the wake of a grinning, long Iegged, sweating Zula Most Afrikanders prefer the riclríhaws, although many European htíver get over their prejudice against making a black do the work of an animal. But the Zulus do not imagine the work to be especially hard. They appear to like it. Trained from youth to be fleet of foot, they are able to nin at full speed for long dista uces out beconiing exhaus-ted, Tney get themselves up in must picturesque fashion. Many of then wear on theii heads white wigs, to vhich they fasten bullocks' horns. They are fond of adopting other fantastic decorations. and altogether they form one of the most picturesque feature if tliis interesting town. You will be surprised to iearn, tofr, that iïfise queer looking two wheeled carriages are not made in Japan, but ia Americ.. An ühio carriage manufacturer wbo was traveiing in Soutt África saw thpse jinrikishas in use Ke bought one and shipped it home. When he returned to ühio, he started to manufacture ricksbaws for the South Africau trade, and now he does a lares export business. o o Queer Man Drswn Vehicles Used ín South African Townl. r ■ n