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6 $ Do you know thaí Wool has ad vaneed in price 50 to 65 per cent; ï That the Price of Dress Goods wili follow; that in face of these conditions I A REDUCTION of 1-4 I gL BELOW THE SEASON'S LOWEST PRICES. i y That not for years will you be able to duplícate the prices we give you in this sale. ?8 I IT'J TOUR LdJT CttdNCE ffï LOW PRICE5. I I TAKE ADVANTAGE OP IT. j I IMPORTED oress FABREGS. 1 Christmas Silk Sala I Frenchlmported Dress Patterns which we have been VIIIIUHIIUU Wil II VUB Ui jgj S selling at $3.50 per yard now let goat $2.50 ft -r-_ 88; 88 AU Skirting Plaids, regular $1.75 valué, L reduced g ( Af C If yOU have ín mind a 5gj 88 n no, :C , ■ $1-35 a L 1r Silk Waist or Dress for 88 X All our okirting rlaids, regular $1.50 valué, L fQ J F? k dncednow $1.12 0 Vjv Js3sl the wife,mother or daugh= ig All our Skirting Plaids, regular $1.45 valué, i 0 I M$Wm teryou WÍ11 findusof 2 88 ducednow 1.09 S l SSBSS ) í -i L2 88 All oui Skirting Plaids, regular $1.25 valué, 8 flW Seat advantage to yOU ín 88 duced, now 94c g JÉÍ1É1IÍW point of selectiou and g & All our Skirtiug Plaids, regular $1.00 valué, i g duced, now 75c 'I a-TL- pnce. W i Lot of 35 Pieces Black and Colored Dress I 27 inch ; Black Satin uchess $1.25 quality Xmas Goods worth $i.oo, 85c and 75c in this 2Y . s , P"c,% . n . t1 _rt .. Y $100 S 94 , . __ f) ■' inch blatek Satín Duchess, $1.50 quality, Xinas Qk sale at one pnce, 59 cents 8aie price $1.25 S All our 85c aud 75c Silk and Wool Plaids at 65c a 27 inch Black Satin Dnchess, $1.75 quality, Xmas OC All our 50c Plaid Silk and Wool Novelties and p sale price $1.50 ofc ertClothsat 39c 3 26 inch Black Peau de Soie, $1.40quality, Xmas ? Sx All our 45c Silk and Wool JSovelties, new styles, 25c i sale price $1.15 40 inch wide All Wool 50 cent JSTovelties at 25c t 26 inch BI cc Peau de Soie, $1.75 quality, Xmas g & dLAL'K. UKfcbb rAt)IVlC'í. J 26 inch Black Taffeta. i.oo quality, Xmas sale price 85c SS g 50 inch wide Fine Black All Wool Serge 75c quality ñ 27 inch Black Taffeta, 1.25 quality, Xmas sale irice 1,00 9S at 48c j 24 nch Black Satin Luxor, 1.75 quality, Xmas sale price 40 'Ú 50 nch wide Fine Black Serge worth more than $1. 24 inch Black Gros Graia, 1.25 quality, Xmas s de price 00 & ív this sale at 80c h 2I ínch Black Sa'in de León i. 4oquality, Xmas sale price .15 ? 50 wide Imported Cheviot, will be 1.50 uniese C 24 inch Black Aimure, 1.25 quality, Xmas sale price 90c g ' you buy it in this sale at $1.00 B I !ncf ?'aC,k J'Tre.' ' ,quali!'' Xmas sa,le Price „ 00 2 I 50 nch Black Cheviot, lowest price $1,50, will be S J J W f" f da; kínd ,evem?K sl df 00 I $2.00 in first new arrivals, this sale rice $1.25 I 0 inch Colored laffetas.d rk and hades 85c gg I 40 inch Black Cheviot strictly 75c valué at 50c Ö 2Q " Black aad Colored Liberty Satins 75c i IMPORTED CREPONS. OUR TRIMMING DEPARTMENT, i 2f 70c buys in this sale Crepons we have been holding at ft üfct9 t''1 are in favor. Novelties that are new. Eich, P fQ &i a i.i j ü ú mi u bi o? Elegant, Beautitul Creations that make fashionable O6 % 1.00, the advance price of which willbe 81.3o. g dresses possible are here. 8 % $1.00 buys in this sale Crepons we ars sellitg at $1.25 g Embroidered Tafletas and Chiffons, 2, 3, 4, 5. up to $7.50. $8 5t the advauce price of which will be more. f, Spangled and Jeitnd Lace, 24-in. wide, I 50 to $5. yx $1.15 b.ys the $1.35 Crepons. These goods will soon k $&L& J JL Kpo S.25 $'' '-40' ' 5 i fg be worth $1.75. Chantilla Edge and Inserting Wave Effects, 1 to 6 inches wide X7S 8 $1.25 buys Black Crepons now marked SI. 50. You'll M 50c to $2.00 a yard. X soon be paying $2.00 for these goods. SfflSfffij foZweOc to S. 00 i k $1.35 buys the kind ot Crepons you 11 soon be paying U Gimpure Edse and Inserting. 2 to 4 inches wide, 75o to $1 50 8& $2.25 for the regular price now is $1.75. Q Je,t(Ld Lace Bands, 2 to 4 inches wide, $1.00 to 2 25. $3 $ .„ , 1 ck c.1 c m 1 Qo ,;o Jï Ohiffon Apphque Bow Knots, Feathers, Bntterflies. Roses and vft g 40c buys our regular 65c Storm Serge, 40 mches wide, Q Cbrysanthemums, in black, white and tints, 35 to 50c each ?S$ ÖC never agaiu at the price. ff Julie and Liberty Silk Ruclyng in all colors 15 and 25c yd. v5 I 80C for strictly 1,00 Granite Weave Worsted Dre jaKÜfnïffiiRS.7: i g Goods, will soon be 1.2o. g Pearl and Steel Buckles and SI ides, lOo to $1.00. L3 i MACK & CO., H BOTH PHONES. g