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Requisites Of True Prosperity

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There are certain ndications by which the success or fuilure of'alniost any business man can be pretty accurately deterinined. It is true, the evidentes of prosperity must be detenuined f'-n.7 "-j mAuvrivt nniiuiauon. It will Dot do to judge of a man's general prosperity by a one-sided and prejudiced view of' what bas happened to other people under different eircumstances and surroundings. Neitber will an occasional departure f rom common practices justify the observer in predicating an opinión from such premises, either prejudicial or favorable. The true way to form a correct idea of the matter is to weigh the evidencesof'qualiBcation or knowledge of the puruit which the party possesses, in connection with the {capital invested therein, and the demand that is liktly to exist for the commodity which is produced or kept on s-ale. Tl. ere have been times when altnost every one temporarily sueceeded ; occasions when even the most " hair-braiued " ventures proved remunerative ; but these nre only exceptions to a well-known and established principie, viz. : that "in ordor to be suc;esful one must deserve success." It is quite certain that if a business man tru.sts to mere luck for propilious results he is more thanlikely tobeabankrupt ; where, otherwisc, perseverance and promptitude would have carricd him safely forward to success. In cases of' great eniergency, every business uian must be his own pilot. Implicit trust in the judgment of' othcrs ia very apt to involve one in ruin. Neither sliould a man rely too uiueh on precedents ; lor in commercial tranactions the illu siveness of certain theories lias carried niany a nierchant rapidly to his downfall. No man cando business snccessfully, and for any lengtli ol time, without a purpose, and that purpose must be plain and explicit. Ut' course we refcr to business o( an extended character. He must have a chart mapped out bef'ore him constantly in view, taf, with his day book and ledger for rcference, he must take frequent observations of the course he is pursutng, and the dansers to be avoided. In this w:iy, alone, can 1 buMDMS muil be highly suecessful. (if efficiënt aid, dishonestor unpopuliir clerks or employés, an incompetent superintendent, a falso o.-timate of profitor loss, the luyatery of intricate books, and a irenera! oegligODOe about the entire establihiin;nt, aro fruitful causes of ruin. Beride, disuten are continually recurring all over the country, with scarccly a warning which uiakes itself appreciatcd by the person who is the most intorested in knowing the true condition of affairs. Extended orediti huve been greatly instrumi-'tita], in nvery coiumercial country, in produoing bankruptcy; hut long oreaito, highly detriment! u tbejr are, have, time utui anin, been charged with the evils that should bc aseigned to othet causes- anunig wliiiliareincompetency, bad habits, extravagance and an entire lack of qwten in the maaagemeDt af details. Wliilo trifles should not be looked alter at the expense of more weighty ruatters, there yet are times when even trities give color and direction to the most important onterprises. In an extensive buiineaa, l fortune can be saved by givng proper attention to tlie remnants, or wasted paraaing the opposite course. - fN. Y. Mercantilo Journal. Ex-sheriff White and his nretiei, of Bul SaginkW, will have to pay a judpment oi' $ii,5C0, rendered against them as balance of licuor tax duc the city frora Mr. White.