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Stealing A Tombstone

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William Boggs was arraigned before Justice Cary, of (Jarson, yesterday, charged with grand larceny. The charge made by the arresting officer was that a tombstone had been stolen by the defendant from the ceinetery. It appcars, says the Appeal, that the officer was passing near the consecrated spot at night, when he saw Boggs staggering along with tlie tombstone on his back. The tombstone wan exhibited to the jury. It read : " Sacred to the inemory of W. Boggstone. Died January 3, 185. A kind fat her, an indulgent husband and a true man. llequiescat in paco." Bogg?, the defendant, went to tlie tand, and acknowledged frank ly that he bat taken the tombfitonc. It waB so near likc his own name that, by filling up the superfluous letters with piaster of Paris, he coult use it liimself in case he died. The Court - " You have the appearancc of being a pretty healthy uian. Whv do you expeci to aio r Boggs - "lam going to Bodie to start in business, and " TheCourt - "Oh, I sec; the pneuinoiiKi But even if you do die, as 1 have no doub you will, why do you steal anqther inan's touibstone? Do you really think it's the correct thing?" Boggs- " If a man has had the use of a tombstone since 1856, it strikes me he's got his money's worth. Besides this stone was a bla.sted lie all over. Bill Boggstone wasn't a kind husband and an indulgen father. He was a thieving, three-can monte sharp, and had killed four men. A meaner scalawag never was bom. When he first came out here in '49, he used to shave the oorners of $50 slugs, and pay of bis hands in oíd bilis on the Farmer' Bank of New Haven." "We know him," cried several of the jury, "he was the worst in the deck." One of the jurors went on the stand am testified that he saw tbe man run out o Placerville in '52 for robbing hen-roosts He turned a widow out in a snow-storm becaui-e she couldn't pay the house rent Several old timers in the court room testi fied to the scampish character of the de ceased. One man swore that the brothe of Boggstone put the tombstone up and dit it in tlie night. It was a monumental lic and a disgrace to the cemetery. The jury acquitted, and Mr. Boggs lef on the stage for Bodie this morning with thetombstone.