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The Haines Tree

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1 ui [n tin; spring of I 306 Wilmol Hainc.s, mu i boy of aboul twolve years of agc, was pont by his father on an errand to Jas. Junterwlio then lived on the farm dow wiicl by Mr. Samuel Knapp, south of the illagt; ut 'Valden. Oo liis return liome, ie hotse nol traveliogai faal as hen ie brolc a vrhip froin i Willow tree then undiog 'i.v the roadside nearthe residenee f A. VVhigam. Whcn he r il Iiimiii; ha IimI hu hoiM to the pasture(M and tuck his ridinpwhip iu the round. It grew with great vigor, and Itliough it was frequcntly browsed off by ie cattle, yct by its rapid growth soon beauie the wonder of those who knew its liatory. Duriiig the lut ten jear -overal notes on ïis tree have been published in some f'our county papers, but the ('acts DOWgiVn have never appeared in print. Kecently the writercalled on Mr. llaines or the purpobe of hearing his statement, and in coinpany wiLh him visited the tree nd took its diuiensions. We i'uund the tree standing on what may be ealled low greaad. It is probable that a largo aniount of' lile giving substauces have been coneeDtrated in this particular place in the form ofvaluable wash froui thesurrounding lands, and decaying grasses and leavcs that annually gather to quite a depth around the tree. Another omtse of its growth is due to tho ground retaining an abundance ofmoisturo urine the growing sea.son. Kivht larte inilis hare bees cut from the tree, two of which made fnrty twelve foot rails. As it ow f-tmds it is estininted to eontain over ix cords of' wood. At its base it measures 3 toet arnund, and 0 fcot f'rom the groupd t l'1 ('eet 9 inches, It truuk ia quite iregular. In tbo p'ist, myriadt :il tiitdi have made ts friendly branches a boon in wliich to ear thcir young. Scores of cuttlc have sought the protection it gave froiu the uiidlay un, and to the travelor it bas been a souree M pleasure to watch its everchangne foliajie. The tree, liketln' -ne who planted it, lias lUSed tilt? sprint; tIM imd autuuin of life, The storm and UsSiDOBl "f each retuminp rinter ia m&kiajtsaa havpoamoDg its limbs and branche?. In a few more years it will ïave fillcd its ruission, and its substance - changed by the wondrous power of nature - appear in snme new forw to adorn and beautify our country or assist in its ujysterious way in the nroduction of some uselul erop. Mr. Haines is still living, having reached he good oíd age of oighty-six yoars. - [Cor. n Newburgh, (N. Y.) Register. Mr. Haines is the father of' Mr. ('. N. [Taioee, of Soio.