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Canaries As Concert-singers

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An cutiré novelty in the coneert-singing department of musical art is proiuiscd to the lovers of sweet sound by an ingenious sitiien of Pboenixyijle, South Australia. elf excUisively to the training oi canar. very known inethod of vocalizatiou, and, as we gather froin the antipodeanjournals, witliextraordinarysuccess. But he bas reeently crowned his triumphs as a very Lamperti of feathed songsters by inventing a mechanical apparatus by wliich his yellow pupila will be taught to perfora music of a more recondite and cornplicated character than mere ballads and opera-airs. He propoMS, with tbe aid of this contrivancc, not üiily to produce canary soloists, capable of executin? aira like "DipYoul Chair," or "DeeTanfy," as the imuiorta iTfUMimi de la Pluche deisignated the florid displays fashionable in his day, but to tcacl: his pupils part-singingand the rondeiingoi the roost difflcult of modern operatic choram These astonishing results are to bc attained by the tollowing process: The cages in whicli the professor's pupils reside are hung up in front of a mirror, behind which is fixed amusical box, which plays the hoIo, partsong, or chorus they aredesóred to perform The birds listen eagerly to the rnusic, turn ing their attention to the quarter whence i proceeds. Their gaze ia naturallv AirnninA , uien tncy see the reflec tion of their own graceful persons. At onco they hop to the conclusión that their coun terfeit tirescutments are real livé canarios melodiously engagod in sinjring the iml'a miliar struins that . delight their cars. Pron observation to imitatiun, it appears, is but a step with the intelligent and tunoful ca narybird. lic is upt, in concerted musió to doublé a part, nnd betrays a predilection for the " leading business : " but. heing gift ed with a quick car, he foon NdOgnisea th( dcsirability ut' filling up the nutes wanting to complete the chords, and adapts hiinsel to harmonie requirements with artistii promptitude. Wagncr's " Trilogy," per formed by a company of canaries, may thus be au attractive item in the onerati