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Ingersoll On Intemperance

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Intemperance cuts down youth iu ita vigor, manhood in its strength, and ago in its weakness. It breaks tlie father' s heart, bereaves the doting mother, extinguishes natural aft'ections, erases conjugal love, blots filial attachments, blights parental hope, and briugs down mourning age in sorrow to the grave. It maken widows ; childrcn, orphans; fatbers, fiends. ; and all of theru paupers and beggars. It feeds rheumatism, arouses gout, welconies epideinics, invites cholera, iniports pestilence, and embraces consuraptioii. It covers the land with idleness. and crime. It filis your jails, supplies your alms-houses, and demands your asylums. It engenders controversies, fosters quarrel, and cherishes riot. ït crowds your penitentiaries and furnishes victims for the scaffold. It is the blood of tho Rambler, the olements ut' the burglar, the prop ol the highwayiuan, and the ■uport ui uiidniglit ini'emliary. It conutenances the liar, respeota the thief, esteems the bksphemer. It violates obligationa, roverences fraud, and honors infamy. It hates love, scorns virtuo and slanders innoMnee, It incites the father to butcher bis helplcss offspring, and tho child to grind tho parental ago. It Imrns up men, consuincH womeo, detesta lid', ootms (íod and hates beaven. It suliorns witnesses, nurses prrtiily, dátiles the jury box and judicial cnmtic It bribas votas, duquUfies voters, oorrupta elootions, polluteionr institutions, and andaogen govemmeot It degrades the citizen, debuea ilie legisktnre, di.shonors the statcsiiian, and iliarniM the patriot. It brings shauie, not honor ; terror, not sal't'ty ; deapair, not hopa; naisery, not hppincss; and, with the malavolenoa of a fiend, it calinly surveys it.i frightful desolatiiin, and unsatiatcd with bTOO, it kills piare, poÍ8OD telieily, ruins moráis, bligbta eiintidenre, sl.iys rcpulalion, and WlDOê nut national honor, Uien curses the wond, and laugbs at its ruin. [tdoeatbat and more - it mulders the soul. It is tlir siiin ol all erimes, the mother of all abominations, the Hevil's best friend and God's worst enciuy.