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The following paper was filed in the Supreiue Court on the 7th inst., as taken froui the Detroit Post and Tribune : To the Ilnn. James V. Campbell. Chlef Justice of the Supremo ('i.uit , Michigan. Dkaii BlB- The undersigned would very respectfully present to your Honor and hi.s nssociates the following communieation : Whkkfas, The Boiinl of Recenta of Ifloolxan l'nivnsiiy, al t hcir lu-st meeting 1 n Arm Arbor. Oetolx-t J! , InTI', (tel il. -d nul lo riuploy counsel in the Douglaa appeal oase; and wiiKKKA-i, At Uu' Mimi' mmtlng they also roftiniwi Huir OODBenl tlial the supreme Court :nay dispense with tht1 prlntlug of the record in the casi' of the Regent of the Unlverslty M. si las 11. Houglus et al., elther In whole or In part ; and W'iiKitKAH, In acoorcljiiicp wlth tho unanlinouM vnte, .Mal ch, 1S7ÍÍ. " that tt 18 Hot the wiMi oi tliis Board to Inour the expense of an appeul to tin supifint' ( "ourt," and " that the servirt'K of ooqunI bein no lonper neceKsary, all coun.'l 1)' mul ari' licrrby tlischarued," they stlll Inrtlu r resolved : " l'hat uo furflier expense be Inearred loi the smploymeot ofaouceel umi I hat M-rvin-s of all counsel ho dlspensed wit li in relattoo t thoaMae;" therefore, f. Uu' nnderolgned menben oí tiu lïoanl ■ i Regenta, hereby enter our determiDed proteal ;in:iinst Elegeni Cutobeo&i or auy otner Krfui, appearlDg in tbe supremo Court as ooaneel for the Hourd In the Doui;las appcal .use. eittaer to enmge n any nlpalMlon tuuchIng the saini', or for any other purposrs whatever, iintil the next meeting of the Board Dl K.-Keiits. QKOBQK 1,. .MALTZ, (lïy telegraph.) ANDHKW CI.1MIE, (By telegraph and letter.) OEUROE IUFKIELD, Kejjents of Unlverslty of Michigan. I. ansí m. MICH., January U, 18S0. The above needs no ezplanation. It is proper for us to say, however, that (Dutcheon after being in thisoity last Saturday and Sunday, in company with Bose's enemies, appeared at Lansing on Tuesday last and añswered in behalf of the Regenta, and Judge Douglas and Pond for Dr. Douglas, and that the Juli benen üeard these men for over one hour, and we have no more doubt as to what the reseult wil! be than we had when HuntiDKtonpersisted n hearnr the case in the circuit court.