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The Maine Robbery

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The reply of the Supreuie Court to the interrogatorios of Governor Garcelon is tuostcrushing. Without a single exception they decided every point against him, and made their language and reasons perfectly plain. Now the Governor had always claimed that he only desired to act legally in the premisos, and that the action of himself and council were based upon the strict observance of the law, and that they had counsel that advised them to pursue the course th?y had in rejecting certain returns andallowing others. Had he have been as sincere as lus protestations would indícate he would imruediately have given notification to those uiembers of thelcgislature to whom he had issued fraudulent certificates of electioo that they were withdrawn, and then havo issued certificates of election to the men who were tbc choice of the people, and thus have ended, and honorably to uimself, tlie entire controversy. The fact that he submitted the questions to the Supreme Court shows that he had confidence in their integrity, for it was unnecessary, and his refusal to abide by their decisión can but continu one in the opinión tbat he lacks respect for the laws of which he has hitherto expressed so much reverence, except as interpreted by a partisan attorney of not enough reputation to be known outside of his own county. The Governor and council have held numcrous sessions for consultations in regard to the course to pursue, and while there are a few who advise a retirement frotn the unenviable position assumed by them, by far the innj irity and especially the partisan leaders both in and out of the Siate have done their utmost to bolster him ud in his position, so that hc now says that, whilë theoinion rendered by the Supreme Court may be valuable as a guido, it cannot influence him to chango his opinión. The robbei; was consummatcd on WedFnesday by the organizuion of the Legislature. In the houe 76 members were present, all fusionists except one, which number being a quorum, the house was organized by electing officers contrary to the protasts of Mr. Eugene Hale, only türee fusionists refused to attend. After the Senate was organized, which was quietly done, they decided to refer the question of the counted out senators to a special conimittee to act on the day following. At a secret meeting held at night the fusionists decided to stand to the position stolen. It is thnught that the Kepublicaos will qualify and particípate in legislative action.