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Washtenaw's Criminals

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The criminal business of Washtenaw county for the year ending December 31st, 1879, has been disposed of by Frank Kmerick, proecuting attorney, as follows : Adultery- One case, still pending. Assault and battery - 93. Assault with intent to murder - two convicted ; one sent to State prison for eight years, the other two years to the same institute. Assault with intent to rape - one; allowed to plead guilty of assault and battery ; sent to jail 30 days. Bigamy - one ; convicted and sentenced to Ionia for 18 months. Burglary - three; one aequitted and two convicted and sentenced, one for three years State prison, one for two years at Ionia. Breaking railroad car with intent to stcal - one ; convicted, one year at Ionia. Careless use of fire arms- one ; nolle proseuqi. Cruelty to animáis- one; acquitted. Defrauding hotel-keeper - two ; one fined $25 and costs, one sent to jail 30 days. Disorderly persons - 44; 41 sent to Ionia in default of sureties for good behavior. Embezzlement - one ; discharged on exnnnnnhfin .1111111.111' 'II. Einbezzlemcnt of' ruortgaged property- case disniissed. Fali-e pretenses - two ; reasons for not filing infbrmation, defendant discharged. One case pending. Grand larceny - 11; eight convicted, two sent to State prison for three years, two for two and a half years, one for two v:irs ; one to Ionia for one year, one to reform rehool until 18, one escaped, one acquitted, one adjudged insane and sent to the asylum, one ditcharged on exarnination. Larceny (petty) - 15; three convicted and sent to Ionia 90 days, seven fined $15 tind costs or 30 days in jai], two to Detroit liiiu -e of' correction 65 days, one Sned $5 and costs, three acquitted, one iwlle pros'd in circuit court. Larceny f'roni person - one ; convicted, sent to Ionia one year. Letting house of ill-fame- one ; case pending. Lewd and lascivious co-habitation - two ; reasons for not filing information, defendanis discharged. Libel- one; discharged on exaiuination. Selliog liquor to those in the of getting intoxicated - two ; one convicted and fined $25 and cost, one pending. K(!d)ii)j; saloons open on Sunday - onc ; convicted and finod $25 and cobts. lleceiving stolen goods - four ; ono convicted and paid $100 and costs, one convicted and sent to Ionia 12 iuonlhs, two pending. Threats - one ; broke jail and esciped. Forgery - one ; case pending.